Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

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Sep 232020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

PDF to print (11 x 17)

Poster text:

Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

It’s never too late to resist

Artificial Intelligence
AI labs, recipients of several $100M in government funding, are working to put “machine learning” algorithms in the service of a long list of industries. Under an “ethical” facade, some applications will simply allow well-placed capitalists to further enrich themselves. Others aim to reinforce repression, whether detecting shoplifters at the supermarket with automated video surveillance, developing facial recognition tools that work even on partly covered faces, or “predicting” crime or the probability of a prisoner re-offending.

5g Wireless Networking
The unprecedented bandwidth of 5G technology enables the deployment of AI on the scale of a city in real time. Every movement becomes trackable thanks to thousands of cameras integrated into a centralized surveillance apparatus. This vision is already in practice in more than one European “smart city”. Countless sensors dotting public spaces, in businesses, cars and public transit, and worn on our bodies aim to make every action the object of calculation, prediction and control, all under an eco-friendly label. By its pervasiveness, a web of algorithms is made invisible and therefore impossible to resist.

Robotics and Automation
Self-driving cars. Robotized warehouses. Cashierless stores. Delivery robots that call the cops when they are attacked. An infrastructure is being deployed that will change the world of work and our living environment permanently. We don’t mourn the disappearance of back-breaking and boring jobs. A dehumanizing pace is imposed on the remaining workers, who must keep up with the machines and productivity software or be shown the door. Meanwhile, what measures of social control and what exploitative schemes await the new excluded masses of an age of technological unemployment?

Life in Front of a Screen
Possibilities for authentic relations between humans and with our surroundings are increasingly erased in service of a virtual hyper- connectivity. Understanding, discovery, and the search for meaning are reduced to production of data. Attention deficit, memory problems, loss of emotional skills and imagination, disrupted sleep, musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, loneliness, depression: the symptoms of addiction to online technologies are worsening as the proportion of the population that has spent their entire lives immersed in touch screens grows.

For free and full lives, open to the unknown

Be the outage in their network!

Invitation to the Winter Games of Urban Revolt

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Dec 192019

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Print: 11 x 17″

Poster text:

December 20, 2019 – March 15, 2020
Challenge your friends, your neighbors, and other crews.
Sabotage social control, de-gentrify our neighborhoods!


Three fields of play await the athletes.

no 1 Camover Returns

Destroy surveillance cameras

  • dummy camera = 2 points
  • functional camera = 6 points
  • smart doorbell with camera (Amazon Ring / Google Nest) = 6 points

no 2 Nobody Pays

  • each metro turnstile disabled = 3 points
    • all the turnstiles of a station = bonus +4
  • each fare distribution machine disabled = 6 points
    • all the distribution machines of a station = bonus +2

no 3 A Long Winter for Condo Promoters

  • glue the locks of a condo sales office (all doors) = 6 points
  • redecorate exterior (paint bombs, graffiti, or extinguisher) = 4 points
  • redecorate interior (with an extinguisher) = 10 points


  • claim one’s action with a meme = 2 points
  • burn a christmas tree displayed in public = 4 points
  • disable a cop car during a snow storm = 10 points

*This is not an encouragement to brag about one’s actions or otherwise endanger one’s security or that of friends.

Disclaimer: this poster is produced solely for informational purposes and does not incite anyone to break any law.

Don’t Call the Cops!

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Jun 222019

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

In the early morning of Monday June 10th, the Montreal police shot a man. A neighbour was having a crisis. Instead of doing anything helpful, they harassed him for hours. They had guns pointed at his head. They finally shot him in the leg through hs own apartment door early monday morning. On Sunday June 17th anarchists in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal put up posters reminding our neighbours to think twice before calling the cops.

St-Henri is famously undergoing a rapid and brutal gentrification process. Gentrification is fueled by social cleansing. This means arresting and relocating people with mental health issues, the poor, drug users, sex workers, and all of us trying to get by in a cruel world. One way to resist the over-policing and gentrification of our neighbourhoods is to stop calling the goddamn cops. We made posters that name all the unarmed people who have been killed by the SPVM in the last few years, because this is fucking serious. Cops will always escalate the situation, we can’t trust them. Instead let’s build relationships of trust between neighbours — Let’s make police obsolete! Please download and share these posters — let your neighbours know that COPS KILL, and share some alternatives to calling the police, so no one else has to have their neighbours blood on their hands.

COPS KILL (to print, 11 x 17″)

12 Things You Can Do Instead of Calling the Cops (11 x 17″)