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Montreal Counter-info aspires to provide a space for anarchists in Montreal to diffuse their ideas and actions across overlapping networks and tendencies, outside the realm of leftist or corporate media projects. We want to encourage consistent reflection, critique, and engagement with the projects of revolt and struggle happening in this city. We want this project to contribute to clarifying ideas, sharpening practices, finding common points of departure, and exploring differences in projects and initiatives.

To this end, this website will publish news, report-backs, communiqués, and other written works; and will host an archive of counter-information such as flyers, posters, publications, banners, and graffiti. We would love to see widespread contribution to this project, so please submit content!

When we say “counter-information”, we mean information “from below”. In other words, we mean that on the one hand there exists dominant information that offers the view of authority on events – and often even shapes them. On the other hand, there are parts of the society that are competitive and hostile toward authority and that organise their own channels of information.

When we talk about counter-information during December’s events we do not by any means speak of a solid or homogeneous flow of information – quite the opposite. What gave shivers of hope to some and fear to others was the fact that the communicative explosion – mirroring the explosive reality in the streets – was uncontrollable, with many nodes and means of transmission, different codes, diverse transmitters and receivers. Groups and collectives would publish posters, distribute brochures, use public address systems to inform people of current affairs in crowded public locations, and spray paint messages in the streets.

Overall, in December the entire spectrum of communication mediums was utilised (banners, slogans, stencils, texts, communiqués) in initiatives and actions that were “transplanted” with much creativity from the streets to many aspects of public life – schools, radio stations, theatres, the Acropolis, and so on. There exists, of course, a common denominator in all the examples above: unmediated communication.


Legal Notice:

Montreal Counter-info publishes original work, anonymous submissions, and material from other websites for educational purposes only. We do not condone or promote illegal, violent, and unlawful behavior or actions, or acts of intimidation against individuals or groups.

Montreal Counter-info is not a political organization. We do not organize protests, demonstrations, or other actions, although we do give space for various groups to report, build, and create capacity for various actions as they relate to social manifestations, struggles, and movements.


Contact us: mtlcounter-info (at) riseup (dot) net