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Montréal Contre-information
Dec 252018

From the Réseau libertaire Brume Noire

The ‘Réseau libertaire Brume Noire’ is officially launching. Every step forward demonstrates the need for solidarity and awareness in the Gaspé (Gespeg) region. Being a citizen group, the collective does not use the many funding that the government offers to companies or organizations. In fact, we try to do things by ourselves and for ourselves. That’s why we appeal to you as well as to the big world of internet to invite you to participate and share our campaign of socio-financing!


Collectivism helps us find people and equipment around the region. Many people support their presence or volunteer work. In order to spread this popular education and to promote libertarian values ​​to all, some funds are needed for reasons such as:

  • A webcasting platform (site with articles and resources pdf)
  • Promotional material (create a t-shirt, stickers, etc.)
  • Resources for the support of ongoing struggles in the region (educational flyers, banners, supports, foods, etc.)


To support the crowdfunding campaign, you can visit the fundrazr page of the Network to buy a sweater, tights or simply make a donation of the amount you want. Every dollar is important to us! You can also share the campaign or like our facebook page. Here are the links:


‘If I can not dance, I do not want to be part of your revolution.’ – Emma Goldman