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Apr 172015

On April 8th, a banner reading “Solidarité avec les prisonniers en grève de la faim en Grèce. Que vive l’anarchie (Solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike in Greece. Long live anarchy)” was dropped along with flyers bearing the following text:

Solidarity from Montreal

Today, we paid homage to those prisoners in Greece who are on hunger strike since March 2nd, 2015.

The governing political party in Greece since January 2015 is the radical leftist party Syriza, a party which promotes anticapitalist and antipatriarchal ideas. However, it is clear this party’s role in reality is to recuperate all social rebellion. Many anarchist prisoners, political prisoners, and social prisoners recognize this and live the consequences each day.

A hunger strike was thus called to demand, among other things, the abolition for several fascist laws and Type C prisons. Many comrades are experiencing severe health problems for their participation in the strike. These events show the true face of the ruling Left party, which continues to repress struggle.

Here are the demands of the prisoners on strike:

• Abolition of the antiterrorist law 187A and the law against illicit organisations 187
• Abolition of the increased severity for actions committed with facial characteristics disguised (“the mask law”)
• Abolition of maximum security prisons Type C
• Abolition of laws permitting the testing of DNA traces
• Access for expert witnesses of the accused to DNA-related evidence
• Abolition of DNA analysis of evidence containing a mix of more than two people’s DNA
• The immediate liberation of Savvas Xiros so that he may receive the medical treatment he requires.

Strength and courage to those in prison and on the run!
For the destruction of the state, capitalism, and all prisons.
Long live anarchy.

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