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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Feb 102015

From Anarchist News

On the morning of February the 4th, I decided to descend from my high-perch of hate, to strike with intent against the further development of military and surveillance-state infrastructure taking place at McGill University.

As a contribution to the project set in motion by our friendly neighborhood AIA, I waited until the coast was clear and then proceeded to jam & clog several toilets on the 7th floor of the Mechanical Engineering department on the corner or University and Sherbrooke, which is where you’ll find the offices of Newmerical Technologies and the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Laboratory.

The CFD lab specializes in the research and development of a complex simulation software and anti-icing system known as FENSAP-ICE, specifically to optimize the design of UAVs, fighter jets and helicopters deployed in military campaigns to terrorize and destroy communities of color in countries around the world. FENSAP-ICE is sold through the CFD’s business partner Newmerical Tech. to corporations like General Atomics, the manufacturer of every attack drone in the arsenals of the US and Israeli militaries, respectively.

“But why?”, you might ask, “why fuck with their restroom facilities?” Because: water, plumbing and restroom facilities are poorly defended and yet they are among some of the most important lifelines involved in maintaining the smooth and uninterrupted normal functioning of an institution like McGill. Nobody wants to study, do business or work on sketchy research related to the growth of the military-industrial-surveillance complex in a building with no working toilets. The fact that it’s so easy for even one person to put several commodes out of order and get away with it leads me to surmise that this method has the potential to become a very effective pressure tactic in the multiform struggle to demilitarize McGill, especially if taken up en masse.

To effectively clog a toilet, simply saturate a large sponge (the kind used to wash cars, not dishes!) in a thick starch or sugar solution. Squeeze it into a ball and wrap it up in string as tight as you can, and then dry. Remove the string when fully dried. The sponge should be in the form of a tight, hard ball small enough to fit down a toilet. Introduce the small, stringless sponge into the pipes by flushing, though you may want to give it a little pushing with a gloved hand or some kind of simple tool. Once the sponge absorbs the water, it will gradually expand to its original size and plug the sewage system.

Of course, it should go without saying that nothing will have changed on the surface of things as a result of this or any other isolated action. However, the kernel of its strategic value lies not in the immediate economic or infrastructural damage brought to bear so much as its potential to spread like a spot of cooking oil in a frying pan. In and of itself this action means nothing, but what would happen if 5, 10, 20, or 100 of us were to suddenly start shutting down restroom facilities at McGill using hit-&-run tactics until the Administration agreed to sever its ties to the arms industry and the military in general?

In the final analysis, the ultimate impact of this simple, low-cost and repeatable act will be determined by you.

Solidarity, respect and mad props to Demilitarize McGill, SPHR, Anti-Imperialist Action and everyone fighting for the complete and final destruction of Empire worldwide.

You have friends in high places.

Love, Principal Suzanne Fortier