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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Feb 152015

from Contra-info

On February 14 there will be an event in the museo de la tolerancia[*] that aims to raise money for political prisoners and anarchists.

Being in prison we have little information about the event.

We don’t know who is organizing it, but we know our names appear on the list of prisoners for whom the event is done.

We wanted to clarify that it seems strange that people we do not know and with whom we do not share affinities are using our names without notifying us. That we’re in jail doesn’t mean we have no voice. These acts of solidarity where all prisoners are mixed make us think of the blind recuperation of imprisoned people. Whether they are “Political” or “Anarchists”. Since the beginning, we always remained firm in our positions and ruptures. It seems rather strange to see our names beside those of Brian Reyes, Jacqueline Santana and Jamspa at a public event of solidarity. Perhaps their intention is to build relationships between different bands of people. That we understand, but we also know that there are reasons for this lack of relationship. There are very different methods and intentions and probably irreconcilable schisms.

For us the feeling of affinity is primordial in our struggle. We do not consider ourselves as “Political Prisoners” and do not attack the institutions of Power to improve society.

On the other hand, in prison we have relationships with all kinds of people, with whom we do not necessarily share “affinities of struggle”. People who do not care about “politics”, of which most believe in god, and never went to school. With them we also build strengths and live multiple moments of subversion of the existing order. It would be ridiculous to organize only with self-proclaimed “Political Prisoners”. We do not like most political prisoners, and neither most anarchists for that matter. The trick is to start from here with the energy there is. If we separate ourselves from this group that organizes the event it does not mean that we cut off everyone. We separate ourselves from those who identify as authoritarian, political partisans or left-leaning. We also learned that the event will be held at the Museo de la Tolerancia,[*] State Institution.

We want no mediation with the State.

Let it be said, we have no affinities with any of the people mentioned —except Carlos— nor with the people who are organizing the event. They do not consider ruptures that already exist, they only reproduce “presismo”.[**] We do not want to be recuperated. Go ahead with your solidarity events but without our names. Those who support us know why, and share affinities with us.

The best Solidarity is always Attack.
For Total Destruction of the Existent.
Fire to Civilization.
To infinity and beyond.

Fallon and Amelie
Reclusorio de Santa Marta, México DF

Translators notes:
* The event was, in fact, held at a different place called museo “casa de la memoria indómita” as originally scheduled.
** The term “presismo” refers pejoratively to a form of victimization and idealization of “political” prisoners, and of making anti-prison struggle a specific, partial one and in which the main activities are characterized as assistance to “political” prisoners and prison reformism.