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Sep 232017


On September 6, 1995, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) violently attacked the occupation of the Ipperwash Porvincial Park, by members of the Stoney Point Ojibway band, shooting and killing indigenous land defender Dudley George. But George’s death was not in vain, and to this day, the members of the Stoney Point Band continue to live on the former army base in Ipperwash. As part of our series “Indigenous Resistance in Five Minutes” historian and comic book artists, Gord Hill retells the story of Ipperwash.

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This video features music by Savage Fam. It wad edited by Larry D and shot by Tamo Campos. QPIRG Concordia, QPIRG McGill, OPIRG Guelph, OPIRG Carleton and the Leveller generously supported this project.

This video was produced by sub.Media in so called “Montreal”