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Sep 232017

From Montreal-Antifasciste

Recently, a video has been posted on Facebook and YouTube entitled La vérité sur les Antifas, Jaggi Singh et la Corruption de l’Université Concordia #StopQPIRG. It was initially shared on the Facebook page of “DMSQ”, before it was taken down, but it remains up on YouTube here:

Such a video would not normally be worth mentioning, except that it has been linked to on “clickbait” style websites like “La Clique du Plateau” and “Thug Life Quebec”, and as such has gained a larger audience than most similar anti-left media interventions.

As for its content, the video is an unremarkable example of groups on the left being targeted – in this case, sewing together a conspiracy involving a student social justice group, Concordia University, a prominent local activist, and “antifa” – all while decrying the undue influence of feminists and those who “believe in more than two genders” on campus.

Behind the Video

The individual responsible for the video, who is also the narrator, is known as “DMS” on YouTube and  Facebook, and “DaMcLuv” on Twitter ( His real name is Maxime Morin, and he is a 22-year old recent Concordia student.

Morin is someone who has previously had no qualms promoting the ideas of people like former KKK Grand Wizard (notorious anti-Semite and racist) David Duke, white supremacist Richard Spencer, and Holocaust denier David Irving. Morin himself often uses “triple parenthesis” (also called the “echo”) — the alt-right gimmick of designating Jews, meant to “expose” their culpability for various issues (if you don’t know about this anti-Semitic practice, consult Morin has also re-tweeted posts by the Islamophobic group Pegida Québec.

Morin clearly doesn’t like Jaggi Singh (and has been somewhat obsessed with him since the Montreal anti-Trump demonstration in January, where Morin was removed from the demo by protesters for heckling anti-Trump protesters while carrying an “Infowars” sign — a reference to the right-wing, pro-Trump, conspiracy website run by Alex Jones). More generally, Morin shows clear antipathy for feminists, trans people, and others often targeted and mocked by the far-right, including immigrants and Muslims. He has a pattern of personally targeting individuals. Prior to Jaggi Singh, he went after Dalila Awada as well as Lili Boisvert, in a sexist fashion, in his videos. He has been promoted by André Pitre (aka “Stu Pitt”), an individual who works closely with La Meute and who is responsible for spreading Islamophobic and racist conspiracy theories and generally vile anti-feminism.

It is on Morin’s Twitter feed – – where you can clearly see his re-tweets of anti-Semites and racists. See this example above, one of several re-tweets from former KKK Grand Wizard and all-around über racist slimeball, David Duke. (A collection of these re-tweets are presented at the end of this posting.)

Morin, who’s clearly a fan of various tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories, also thinks the horrible mass shooting conducted in a Québec mosque by Alexandre Bissonnette, on January 29th, 2017, which claimed the life of six Muslims and injured 20 more, was a “false flag” operation orchestrated by the so-called “radical left”:

Campus Backlash: The Broader Context

Attacking the left is a defining characteristic of both the right and far right, and throughout Canada campaigns to defund various “PIRG”s (which often serve as activist hubs on campus) have brought together conservative and right-wing students of various tendencies. In 2016, one such campaign managed to have the PIRG at University of Waterloo lose its funding, a similar campaign also having succeeded at Queens University in 2011 (though this was later reversed). Whereas in Ontario such campaigns have been largely spearheaded by Conservative Party activists working with others on the right, as detailed in the 2012 Briarpatch article “Defunding the public interest” (, the obsession that the Québec far right has developed over the past year with Jaggi Singh (who works at QPIRG Concordia, and has been unilaterally appointed by the media as their convenient leader of the radical left), shows that here other forces may also enter the fray.

While the fight over PIRG funding has not generally been a key organizing point for the fascist far right so far, and as such, is not something antifascists see as high on our agenda, given the new emphasis on campus recruitment and organizing by the Alt Right in the United States, and the recent appearance of posters promoting fascist and racist organizations on Canadian campuses, this might change. Indeed, the young man behind this latest video shows that the connections are already there.

What can you do

– Point out, on social media and elsewhere, that DMS/DaMcLuv is in fact Maxime Morin, an anti-Semite, transphobic, anti-feminist, racist douche-nozzle.

– Report the YouTube videos posted by DMS/DaMcLuv/Morin.

– Contact La Clique du Plateau and Thug Life Quebec websites, pointing out that the video they are promoting is by an open anti-Semite and racist.