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How to make molotovs!

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Sep 042017

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info
Disclaimer: This video is intended purely for informational purposes only, and does in no way encourage or condone any illegal activity.

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We think that it’s important for confrontational tactical knowledge to be widespread for the coming storms of revolt. Confrontational tactics can make us safer, because the police become afraid. We need to be careful when playing with fire, but with care, molotovs can greatly increase our power in the streets.


Empty 500ml beer bottles
Motor oil
Gauze or strips of t-shirt
Duct tape

Never touch any of your materials without gloves, to avoid transferring fingerprints.

First, fill the beer bottle half-way with a mixture of 2/3 gasoline and 1/3 motor oil. Adding motor oil makes the fire burn longer and bigger. Leaving empty space in the bottle makes it fill with gas-fumes, which will make the molotov more explosive.

For the fuse (shirt or gauze), tie a knot that will fit in the entrance to the bottle, 1 inch from the top. The fuse should reach the gasoline. If you turn the bottle upside down, the knot should hold. Use duct-tape to make the opening more air-tight, because gasoline evaporates.

For larger molotovs, you can use a wine bottle that has a cap you can twist back on. Perrier works too.

Beer-bottle molotovs can be transported in the packaging. Seal them in a garbage bag to diminish the smell of gasoline, and to keep them clean of fingerprints.

It’s safest to not wait more than 30 seconds to throw after the molotov is lit.

Stay safe! Stay fierce!