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Montréal Contre-information
Jan 162017

For over a decade, the COBP, through the International Day Against Police Brutality, has been denouncing police-related phenomena such as social cleansing, police militarisation, impunity, social/racial/political profiling, and the authoritarian turn. More and more, despite reports of such things carried out by police, nothing significant seems to change.

However, more and more people are engaging in some alternatives to the protests; affinity and allied groups organise themselves, shared struggles thrive and let’s not forget several court victories of tickets and bylaw invalidations etc… The COBP believes therefore that in 2017, we must continue through not only the protests but also through direct actions in daily life. Now, we must put into practice a new balance of power! We must once and for all pool our resources to deal with this repression.

This is why we have chosen – as this year’s theme: END THE REPRESSION: MULTIPLY THE ACTION!

We shall do so through groups/collectives/organisations that would like to organise events through the week against police brutality that shall take place from 9 to 17 March 2017! We also shall encourage autonomous actions that week. We are also looking for articles/comics/reviews for our newspaper “Police State” 2017 edition.

The articles are limited to two pages each and may be written in French, English, or Spanish. The authors concerned about their translations must translate it themselves. Also, we invite you to send us pictures to accompany your articles. However, the images are part of the two-page limit. You can communicate your article and activity proposals as well as drawings to before FEBRUARY 1, 2017!

We look forward to your collaboration!
Our fear shall become theirs.

The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality