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Jan 032016

Our solidarity knows neither walls nor borders

From toutedetentionestpolitique

On the night of December 31, a noise-demo took place in front of the prison of Rimouski. Around ten people gathered with pots and fireworks for the occasion. The security guard blocked us from access as soon as we began, and three cop cars rapidly arrived, asking us to leave the prison property. We continued the action regardless, reading the manifesto of prisoners against austerity and focusing on the situation in Rimouski.

If people are in contact with prisoners at Rimouski who could speak to their daily situation, it is possible to contact us to relay the information and enrich the dialogue.


The prison of Rimouski is one of the worst in terms of overpopulation in Quebec, with a rate reaching 130-135% in 2013. I’ll let you imagine the situation two years later, with the same austerity measures imposed by the liberal government. Prisoners are stuffed in, sleeping on the ground or are two to a cell made for one person.

During 2013, three prisoners were subjected to illegal detention, and were released late due to errors in documentation or in the calculation of their sentence. In the same period, two suicide attempts took place. In addition, of note is the rise in people experiencing mental health issues which are directed towards the prison establishment of Rimouski, despite the blatant lack of doctors or adapted care. As the living conditions become increasingly unbearable, the tension between prisoners can only worsen. It’s time that this changes.

We want to support the struggles of those inside prisons across Quebec, and assist prisoners to have their voice heard across the walls!

As the majority of prisoners are locked up for crimes related to their living conditions, we maintain that every incarceration is political!

Solidarity with incarcerated people