Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Dec 052013

From SabotageMedia

We heard through the media that on the night of November 26 to 27, yuppie businesses in Hochelaga were once again attacked.

The restaurant Le Chasseur and the Le Valois, In Vivo and Bagatelle bistros windows were smashed and graffiti was painted.

Here is a leaflet left behind, taken from media and which we’ve translated from french:

You and your collaborators of gentrification, you come here, in Hochelaga to rot us with your 25 bucks table d’hôte, your crap condos and your hip businessman ideals. It seems quite obvious that your not welcome here. Your presence makes us want to vomit. We know the song too well. Under your cheerful young entrepreneur and unscrupulous airs, your only goal is to colonize our neighborhoods and adapt them to your interests. You have big cash and the cops for your SECURITY and that’s how you plan to succeed. Well you better get the fuck out of here because we want nothing of your sanitized world.

You are not safe in our neighborhood. Your owners union can do nothing against us.
Against your aggression, we attack. Tell your friends and your bourgeois insurance companies that Hochelaga is a hostile environment for investors and will remain so.

In solidarity with all those who struggle.