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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Jul 012012

June, 2012

A major railorad was sabotaged during the evening of Wednesday June 13th, in a farming area near Farnham, Quebec, in response to the call by the CLASSE for a day of nation-wide actions against the Montreal Conference of the International Economic Forum of the Americas.

The train signals system was turned on by sabotaging the electric box that controls the signals near an intersection, which eventually prompted the train traffic to be suspended for a moment. This location was carefully picked up, not only for the easy task it was, but above that for the crucial nature of the merchandise it transports, including a lot of filthy oil coming from the tar sands in the West, before this sole railway divides into different destinations such as Sherbrooke city, Bromont’s techno-park (which hosts some of the biggest names in the high-tech industry, including the infamous IBM) and further down on to New England.

This was just a beginning. There are many more fluxes that are crucial to the functionning of this system of oppression and its Holy Merchandise, and we are committed to do it again, and strike targets that will always hurt them more. Given our indefinite number (that ain’t an « invisible committee » for nothing), it is strongly recommended that each and every striker or supporter gets her/his hands dirty, alone or into groups, because we do not believe that these feel-good demosntrations will be enough to make Power change his mind. And the proof is in plain view… months of strikes, and even with our many fine hits and great achievements, especially in the face of the judicial/police despotism, the government still won’t give a damn about our most basic demands, and the cops are now clamping down on mainstream dissenters like they’d do with dangerous criminals. We are under a dictatorship, because liberty is now being considered a high crime.

To let this train ride -this very train that allows them to profit from the devastating exploitation- is to collaborate in silence. We say: « ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT! » This can’t go on like this. The techno-industrial society, because it intoxicates the living and destroys conditions of life, must be FORCED to a stop, or else it’ll soon be forcing us into mass graves! Fukushima was only the first sign of this ongoing catastrophy.

So we will make sure that the capitalists are paying for their abuse. Maybe the bill wasn’t very heavy, but we all can add our two cents!

Sabotage isn’t some vanguardist tactic or some childish vandalism, neither it is a provocation on the part of « smashers from outside of the movement » just as the filthy cops dare to spit in our ears (but who’s still stupid enough to even listen to them?). It has long been a completely rational and legit course of action, that empowered ALL of the strikes that changed history. In the face of a machine that’ll never discuss anything and always enforces its conditions through dictates, sabotage is one of the means to communicate revolt by putting it in relation with a wider uprising, and by imposing our own conditions to the crooks in power; that they walk along with these, or die along with their system!

This small gesture of resistance to the one-way train of industrial capitalism that has now become completely out of control was committed in solidarity with all the arrestees before and during this Grand Prix weekend (where the police has put their lives on the line for Bernie Ecclestone, notorious wealthy fascist) especially with Mathieu Girard, brutally arrested and detained during the funeral of his sister (our condoleances, comrade) and Andrea Pilote, arrested on the highway in strangely the same manner they shot the legendary Jacques Mesrine. Even if we do not know them, our hearts burn with blazing solidarity for these two comrades who fell victims of police violence. We also feel as much solidarity towards the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) folks in Europe and South America, and for the native people around the planet who still are struggling for their land.

– Invisible Committee for the End of Their History