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Montréal Contre-information
Oct 172020

From 1492 Land Back Lane

We send our love and greetings to all of Creation and to all of you. We send our love and greetings to Wet’suwet’en Territory, Mi’kmaq Territory, Algonquin Territory, Secwepemc Territory, Inuit Nunangat, and to all Indigenous Peoples who are gathered on their territories fighting colonial violence.

We see you and draw encouragement from our shared fight for justice. We as Haudenosaunee people have inherited a sacred responsibility to protect the lands, waters, and sustenance for the coming generations.

We will fulfill our commitment to our children as our ancestors did for us. This responsibility is something that no one can interfere with. We were placed on our lands by our Creator. We have been here for 10,000 years and we will be here for 10,000 more.

Settler governments need to wake up to the reality that Haudenosaunee people aren’t going anywhere. We have always defended our territory. We have stopped development for 83 days at 1492 Land Back Lane.  We will keep defending our territory.

We demand Provincial and Federal governments respect Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty over their lands/waters. We demand #1492LandBackLane remains under Haudenosaunee control and our sovereignty over the Haldimand Tract respected. We demand an end to the criminalization of Land Defenders everywhere.

We want to thank you all for your support. We’re facing criminal charges, a $20 million injunction, and ongoing police violence. This is unacceptable. State sanctioned violence against Indigenous Peoples must end. Your actions today are helping to keep us safe.

Please continue to support our legal defense fund – the longer we are on the land, the longer our court cases drag on, the more people are charged.

Our cousins, our aunties, uncles, and life-long friends are being arrested. Our allies, artists and cooks, journalists and researchers are being arrested. Despite this intimidation people keep showing up to bring supplies, showing us endless love and support. Indigenous Peoples have a right to live and exist in their home territories.

The days of forcing Indigenous Peoples off of their lands is over.  We trust you will return to your homes safely to your friends and family. 

– Haudenosaunee Land Defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane