Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Apr 082015

Comrades, I am writing these few lines to let you know about my present condition of life, which I have decided upon from a very particular perspective following a series of situations that have arisen in the recent context of individual and / or social struggle and the repression against it.


There is a long list of comrades who have been harassed and investigated for anarchist activity recently in this country, more specifically in the centre and the south, putting them under surveillance to observe their movements and the people with whom they organize, sending vile bastard informers to gather information, accusing foreign comrades of financing struggles and so on. Also at the time of the arrest that led me to prison with my comrades in affinity Amélie and Fallon, there was an attempt to link many people of the libertarian / anarchist milieu with our case (5E), upturning some houses to find “evidence” (without success) and thereby have more arguments to mount a serious blow within the anarchist scene.

This resulted in the subsequent arrest of comrade “Tripa” (and the persecution of other comrades who also had to move away). Fortunately he was able to count on the timely response of the comrades of GASPA to get him away immediately because the prosecution was not clear, and after his quick decision to go on the run there was not much choice since he was accused on the basis of his “criminal” history and linked to the investigation of terrorism, sabotage and other bullshit that they wanted to pin on us, so he did not have many alternatives.

For similar reasons and being able to choose freely, I decided to take the road of going on the run, mainly for my own safety and that of other comrades, due to the tracking that had been put in act. I am not the first nor will I be the last to do so, choosing a path of struggle that consists partly of taking back my own life, but which also carries the violent, frontal and refractory side against all authority. You don’t need to be a scholar to realize that you will be targetted by the investigators and prosecutors trying to connect to you / implicate you in any question of direct action generated in the battlefield. And in my case, on bail and signing in, it is certain that they would have me at their mercy to take me in whenever they felt like it, a pleasure that I was not prepared to give them, at least as far as I could.

Besides not having the least intention of collaborating with that fucking little legal theatre that would have continued after my release I decided from the first moment of my physical release not to become their prey by being controlled through periodic visits to the place I was supposed to present myself to display my horrendous signature for a further year and a half. So I decided not to present myself before the judges the next day, to break with this thing that I see as tracking.

This does not mean that I am walking away from the struggle or regret what I will have to live in order to carry it out. On the contrary, it will continue to be the main personal factor pushing me in this insurrectional position towards the unknown of freedom. From “outside” it is also possible to continue the daily life of permanent attack in its extensive forms and content, seek to continue my projects from elsewhere but with the same vision, being clear that it is not my intention to take my struggle to voluntary clandestinity or to seek a specialized or higher form of attack, but just to know that these are some of the consequences we face and undertake to move along these paths of conflict, to do things by what we believe and how to make this possible and necessary.

I always knew that fiercely opposing the forms of subordination and ideological content that the technicians of the democratic lie employ to maintain their privileges and status quo, would bring with it circumstances adverse to what any “normal ” person would wish for their life. But as I do not want to be that kind of normal person and accept being another slave, I indulged in doing it this way, as would any irreducible seeking life from his way of seeing things.

From the point of view of comfort it would be much easier for me, after getting out of prison and walking in the street, to see my family and friends and be with my darling daughter; as well as being with comrades and affinities of various tendencies to continue to act together. But realising that this is not a game and that the struggle must be to the end, it is necessary to give it the seriousness it requires because sometimes we must make decisions that can be painful due to the physical distance from those we love. That is why I do not consider going on the run to be the only solution, but the one closest to how I see things. I have seen fit to do so, among other things, as I said, to avoid monitoring and attempts to connect me with future violent acts similar to those for which I was imprisoned, and these being linked with other comrades and whoever I could have contact with. Because we know how the State and its minions use the law, but all this is not in terms of fear, but starts from the fact that taking care of our own is also an insurrectionary act.

Part of my individual insurrection consists of breaking with any form of attachment, and a large part is the constant destruction of any personal / social relationship emanating from the hated enemy State / Capital and any authority, against which I declare myself at war within the range of my ability. Such relationships as are reflected in the alienated society that reproduces what it learns in its educational and religious institutions, its media and economic / technological production, and its ways of behaving in various aspects of everyday life that all lead to domination. Hence my need to not participate in the legal game or be a “good citizen” who can demonstrate that the punishment imposed by the laws and their mentors works. To hell with all that!
That’s why I’d rather die than seek any concessions, mediation, assistance or pact with the very enemy I wish to destroy, understanding that everyone has their perspectives and ways of doing things, respecting what each one does in their struggles, and supporting those with whom I feel an affinity or at least show some hostility towards the enemy; but this is my choice and I stand by it.

Without saying anything more, a big hug to those who come to read me, especially my friends, comrades in struggle, members of my family and all those who identify with the struggle against power in each of its facets. The struggle continues, not seeing the situation as a premise of the end, but only the continuation of acting freely.


Carlos López “Chivo”
From some corner of the world
April 5, 2015


[Translated from french by Act for freedom now.]