Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Jan 312014

from CNA México
translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia
edit 3/2/14: revised and corrected

A big hug to all comrades!

I was very pleased to learn of the gestures of support from outside towards us three anarchist prisoners. We remain firm and strong despite the silly accusations made against us, and intimidating comments (here, they tell us that we’ll spend much time in prison) wanting to break our identity. They aren’t successful, because we are strong and have conviction.

Today they brought us to declare, expecting us to declare ourselves innocent or guilty. On this point I want to openly make something clear, personally I do not accept either of the two positions. Guilty? Innocent? That would give legitimacy to the stupid laws of the State, of which I do not recognize the authority. After all the State and its laws are just generators and regulators of privileges, injustices, exploitation and domination.

I learned something that turned my stomach, in which they link us with the 132 movement, #Posmesalto, and others similar. I clarify that i do not in any way accept this. I do not recognize any movement of institutionalized hierarchical organization. No way!

I want to spit my hate for the prison system, I don’t know if anyone is really convinced by “reintegration”, ie, that from being imprisoned people are domesticated and go on to lead a quiet life in harmony with people and flowers around them. I’m looking for it and see only one thing; KIDNAPPING, for the deprivation of liberty of a person is called kidnapping.

Through prison they want to shut down the will of those who struggle for a new world, and call violent, danger to society, terrorist, whom rebels. The only terrorist is the State, the main generator of violence, who has the monopoly of weapons, torture, and the rape of our natural rights.

It is the system of domination that aggresses us daily, paying us wages of misery, exploiting the workers and seeing them not as a human beings but as a money making machines. It aggresses us when it destroys nature to build shopping malls, It aggresses us with its television programming, trying to mold our thoughts.


Carlos López Marin.