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Montréal Contre-information
Oct 022014

From cna mexico via 325:

To free media
To the peoples of the world
To all those oppressed

Driven by a sense of rebellion and a declared rejection and true repudiation of all control mechanisms, including the prison system, we, anarchist and libertarian individuals, in our condition as prisoners abducted by the Mexican government, have decided to exercise one of the few tools of struggle which we can assert from inside prison: the hunger strike. From today, October 1st, a year after the arrests on October 2, 2013, 10 months of the kidnapping of Fernando Barcenas and 9 months after the detention of Amelie, Carlos and Fallon.

For us the hunger strike is not synonymous with weakness, much less do we seek to fall into a position of victimization; however, we assume it as an alternative of fighting that we consider conducive in a logic of protest and disobedience to the imprisonment of our bodies and the humiliation, isolation and frustration it means to be held in these centers of terror. We opted to take action rather than accept prison as “normal”.

The State seeks to train docile and servile citizens to maintain their established “social order” and thus be able to support the structure of capitalist production only beneficial to the ruling class. Prisons have a key role in shaping these good citizens. It is to the bourgeois society that the prison actually seeks to readjust.

We reject the assumed role of resocializing that prison can bring to our lives. We not only do not consider it useful, but widely detrimental- that´s why we have decided to continue with our struggle to destroy it, starting with small acts of denial and ignorance of its influence on our lives.

We declare this hunger strike, without any request or demand. We do not seek improvements in jail or in our conditions. It is simply to ignore its role in our lives, acting in coordination and solidarity. With this action we accompany the protest on October 2nd, 46 years after the genocide in Tlatelolco, without forgetting or forgiving and making war until the end of oppression.

We will never stop to aspire for our freedom!
We will not abandon the fight for it!

Jorge Mario García González (Medical Tower Prison Tepepan)

Carlos López “El Chivo” (Eastern Prison)

Fernando Barcenas Castillo (Northern Prison)

Abraham Cortes Ávila (Northern Prison)