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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Oct 012014

From antidev:

So the other night on September 21, we’ve set fire to a railroad telecomm cable linking Brigham to Sherbrooke (Qc) to the US, thinking about the Algonquins people recently evicted from a resistance camp and detained in Gatineau. We took the time to select a railway bridge in the middle of nowhere near Waterloo, so we’d not have to dig to get to the cables or attract too much attention. Some fuel was dropped through an opening in the steel casing of the cables, then set on fire. Nothing fancy. It worked better than we’d guessed, as a few seconds later it already smelled of burning rubber a few meters away. The enclosed air in the conduit apparently turned the fire into something like a blow torch. Kind of an easy game to be reproduced elsewhere by others, we told ourselves… so that’s a reason to let others know.

Of course it didn’t cause the whole techno-industrial system to collapse! Society is still pretty much functional today. But you gotta start attacking it somewhere. Though it did feel as if an important nerve deep below society had been severed. And this felt good getting off our asses in the middle of the night for this.

It is noteworthy that this railway line is the exact same on which the tar sands train used to pass, taking the lives of a hundred people last year. It is again used to transport oil from the West to the US, though at much smaller rate. Soon it will be replaced by the equally parasitic and devastating pipelines, unless a serious opposition to it rises out from the current apathy so widespread in southern Quebec these days. As the sheep put their trust in the bureaucrats and the “experts” with all their “moratoriums”, legal challenges and “environmental assessments”, the popular beast is tamed and kept in line, the same line that led us to a disaster last year, and keeps destroying the wild life around…

Hence, as bonus, during the following days, panels for rural residential developments were vandalized, each in the name of prisoners Amélie, Fallon and Carlos imprisoned in Mexico, two of which are from Montreal.

Two panels were spray-painted in Sainte-Etienne-de-Bolton (ot very far from that sabotage) where “Ecocide” was written, and a large panel by the highway 10 that ties Montreal to Sherbrooke.

Those gestures are far from the intensity of the attacks those three persons are accused of, but they target another end of the same social machine that destroys and rapes the living, here as in northern Alberta, Mexico and elsewhere.

We take the opportunity to pass on our shared view on fighting the progress of techno-civilization: This fast-growing type of visual pollution plays a key role in the destruction process paving way to the invasion of techno-industrial society, but also are very worthy alternatives to the classic urban vandalism. There’s no geopolitics of vandalism, what matters being just the sensitivity of the target to the infrastructure behind, and this one is sensitive as fuck. Though as countless graffiti in the City will at least express a critique and give a virtual impression of disorder, at best defame the fascists and the cops and capital; suburban sprawl can be stopped or slowed down in direct result from vandalism against those spectacular outlets of capital (in this case, the gangster construction industry and all its parasites who just wanna pay themselves a yatch with easy money out the sale and destruction of fictionally-owned land, who’re pretty much the same fuckers who pay themselves summer residences here with gentrification money in the city. Get the picture?). We have proof of this, by experience… we have seen major real-estate corporations withdrawing from developments, just because of panels being recursively vandalized. We thought that this kind of tactic, no matter how low-scale or boring it may look like, deserves to be brought back in the attack menu, at least as appetizers. So, tons of opportunities for subvertive art at the tip of the civilizational spearhead. A good field for spreading anti-civ memes too!

For all the creatures killed or evicted by the death machine of society that keeps sprawling.

For the wild!

– King Ludd and his army of Fenians, from the darkness of the forest