Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
May 172016

Dear comrades, Earth-loving radicals, and curious strangers,

We are pleased to invite you all to the third annual Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! Action Camp, which will be held on Anishnabe territory from June 1-5, just North of Ottawa. Our goal is simple – to bring people together in the spirit of revolutionary ecology, in the hopes that this will strengthen the radical movement in our bioregion.

You can call us environmentalists if you want, but our environmentalism isn’t about preserving this system. Capitalism will never be sustainable, and Empire will always require colonization to feed its insatiable appetites. We oppose capitalism, and we oppose colonialism. We see civilization on a collision course with its fate, and we intend to survive its demise. For that, we need access to land, water, knowledge of ecology, and perhaps most importantly, strong relationships rooted in affinity, collectivity, reciprocity, and love. Our vision is of constellation of autonomous communities, able to meet their needs independently, able to defend themselves.

For more information about our safer space policy, life and food at the camp, to register, or to propose a workshop, please visit our new website at

– the R!R!R! collective

Call-out for workshops

In the aim of realizing the goals expressed by the three R!s, our collective is searching for people to lead workshops at this year’s action camp. We invite comrades who are determined to fight against this world which exploits and destroys life more and more by the day. If you have practical knowledge useful to rebellion against the capitalist social order, please come share it with us! Whether you fight against racism, colonialism, patriarchy, capitalism, all of your knowledge related to living in a more egalitarian, more respectful way will be welcomed.

The vision that guides us is also that is resistance to capitalism and colonialism should simultaneously transform our relationship to the land we inhabit. For that reason, we’d love to have workshops related to ecology, bushcraft, wildcrafting, foraging, tracking, gardening, permaculture, etc..

To propose a workshop, visit our website at

The participation of everybody at the camp is needed for it to be a success! Organizers will, of course, take on the tasks of coordination that are required for the camp to go smoothly. This being said, as R!R!R! happens in the spirit of community building and accountability sharing, we hope that every person coming will actively participate in the camp’s life.