Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Nov 122015

With a reenergized enthusiasm, you are invited to a

Forum of reflection and organization for the support (of the struggles) of prisoners

November 21st, 9:30 am-5pm, Centre St-Pierre (1212 Panet st), room 205

This forum wishes to reunite people working and/or reflecting on anti-prison struggles and prisoner support, with the goal of making an overview of the efforts in struggles and support going on, as much on the inside as the outside. In addition, this forum will allow the networking between existing groups, and the people motivated by these issues, as well as target the concrete needs and adopt the political strategies to tackle them. The ultimate goal of this forum is to create the basis of a struggle and prisoner support collective.

We are people who have been incarcerated and/or support incarcerated people. The project originates from the request of a prisoner who wants to fight against austerity and the particular repercussions it has on prisons’ life conditions. We hope that our collective collaboration during this forum will light a fire in the ditch that separates militant anglophone and francophone activists, as well as militants and people incarcerated or facing criminalization. This opportunity will allow us to deepen our capacity to act as a community of solidarity!

Looking forward to meeting with all of you,

PS: Below is an overview of the day’s proposed schedule and information about accessibility.

PS2: You are invited to not use social media to pass along this invitation. Propagate information in your milieus via your email lists, in written form or verbally. For these reasons we invite you to note the event in your agendas, as Facebook and other social medias won’t remind you! :)


An overview of the day’s schedule:


*access ramp present

*whispered translation from french to english + english to french

*childcare on location


9:30: Welcome, coffee, tea, fruits

10:00: Words of welcome, brief presentation by different groups engaged in anti-prison struggle and support. (5-10 minutes per group)

10:30 : Discussion in smaller groups on the struggles/ practices/ possibilities of resistance related to the intersections of the prison industrial complex *anti- colonialism / feminisms/ classism / racism/ gender/ sexuality / and others

*thematics will be decided during the forum according to the participants’ political desires!

11:30 : Return to the larger group and sharing of results

12:30: Vegan lunch

1:30 The plans’ follow-up

-discussion of strategies and angles of struggles to promote + political orientations to prioritize

-campaigns to put into action

3:00: Break

3:15: The plans’ follow up (cont’d)

-Mandate of the support committee for (the struggles) of incarcerated people.

5:00: Goodbye speeches (and see you laters)


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