Oct 142015

Over the course of the last month, several counter-informational initiatives inspired by the struggle of the Unist’ot’en camp hit the streets of Montreal.

Posters and graffiti in the neighborhood of Hochelaga.


A billboard in the Mile-end was painted with “OKA 25 YEARS, THE RESISTANCE CONTINUES. NI PATRIE, NI ÉTAT, NI QUÉBEC, CANADA

(No nation, no State, no quebec, no canada).


In the neighborhoods of St. Henri, Parc-Ex, and Hochelaga, several moments of indigenous resistance to the Canadian State were chronicled with graffiti and posters. Kanehsatake, Gustafen Lake ’95, Ipperwash ’95, Kanehstaton ’06, Sharbot Lake ’07, Akwesasne ’09, Tyendinaga ’08, Elsipogtog, Unist’ot’en