Sep 112017

From Camp de la rivière – Galt-Junex

We would like to remind everyone about some security measures regarding comrades, accomplices, and allies. After demonstrations, actions, or any kind of activity that could lead to repression, it’s essential to not publish or publicize photos of the events. If you think it’s absolutely necessary to publish photos, please blur the faces and any distinctive signs that could help identify individual participants. Even if photos can contribute to spreading the struggle or help with legal action taken against the police, they can equally be used by the police and the judicial apparatus to repress actions that we see as important and necessary. Please note that even if they are not made public, pictures could be seized by police in the context of an investigation and trial. It is also important to understand that some people, for various reasons, do not want to be photographed. Given this, in terms of our ethical framework, we find it problematic to spread and circulate photos that implicate comrades, without their consent.

Creating a secure environment allows us to establish a network of trust at the heart of public political actions, and with this, we can take joyous, communal, and diverse actions!