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Montréal Contre-information
Apr 072018

From the Anarcho-syndicalist Collective for Education and Diffusion (ASCED)

Following a low number of confirmation on Facebook events, the event of April 28th is cancelled. We’ll organize events in the future.

Saturday April 28th
12h30 to 16h30
Anarchist Library DIRA, 2035, Saint-Laurent bld. Montreal.

Is it possible to focus on the struggles of the working class on an anarchist anti-oppressive basis today?

How can we integrate the emancipation of oppressed groups in the struggles of the popular movements and more particularly in the anarcho-syndicalist struggles / groups?

Can we develop a revolutionary anarcho-syndicalist perspective in specific struggles?



Opening of the doors

What is anarcho-syndicalism? (English)
Traduction chuchotée sur place

Presentation will be a video-conference. More information to come. Followed by a discussion and a pause.

Introduction à l’intersectionnalité (French)
by Irina Badita et Nicolas Johan Leport Letexier
(Whispered translation available)

This workshop will be in the first place the occasion to define and put into context the concept of intersectionality from an historical perspective and following a global context. We’ll think collectively about different forms of oppressions and privileges among society and also about ways and future orientations for an inclusive and intersectional activism. On the other hand, we’ll ask ourselves how to fught multiple oppressions, or at least to alleviate the weight on shoulders of those that are notwithstanding victims of racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination.

Followed by a discussion and a pause.

Discussion  » Anarcho-syndicalism and Intersectionality »
Commentaries and reflexions, debates on the reading notebook texts.

Click here to consult the short texts.


Closing of the DIRA

Facebook Event