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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Feb 222022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Rupture – Multilingual anarchist book distro

The passion for freedom, as well as the firmness to refuse any attempt to commercialize it, has led us to create this space to host a catalogue of books by different anarchist publishers. Written or translated, edited, and printed autonomously, these publications aim to give a concrete and coherent reference to the analyses, history, struggles, and experiences that have – and continue to – nourish our anarchist projectuality.

Our selection will not be exhaustive but will gradually increase. One will not find every title from the anarchist heritage, as it is not our intention here to create a supermarket of anarchist ideas, theories, or perspectives – not necessarily because we are not interested in all the forms this can take, but because we are in love with the idea, proposal, and practice of subverting the world of authority without delay. The freedom that we stubbornly seek is against any political strategy, suspicious of democratic consensus, and refractory to submission. So, this selection, available to all, carries the explicit intention of proposing, deepening, and refining anarchist practice that aims for social revolt, without mediation, without compromise, without anything to offer to the reform of this world.

At a time when perspectives of social revolution seem frozen in a sea of deliberate confusion, resigned fear, calculated catastrophes, technological colonization, and authoritarian hysteria, we relaunch, even more obstinately, the words in these books about and for struggle, to invite their readers to sail towards new and unknown horizons of freedom, autonomy, solidarity, conflict, joy.

This book distribution offers publications in English, Dutch, and German, available for single orders and for other distributions.

For anarchy!