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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Mar 252020

MTL Counter-info typically publishes content from Montreal, other regions of Quebec, and neighboring regions. We may make occasional exceptions throughout the weeks ahead, due to the global nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that anarchists and other rebels in many places are faced with a similarly unprecedented social context. In this moment, we think it is vital to maximize the exchange of information, experiences, and proposals.

From The Plague and the Fire

Faced with a global scourge, we need to share radical reflections beyond linguistic and national borders.
Because fire can arise from the plague.
And fire can bring freedom.

This site was born from the desire to share reflections and materials on the consequences of this epidemic. Nurture a discussion that allows you to compare the critical tools that give everyone the opportunity to act in the present.

Act with a view to subvert the current social order, to free the planet and all living things from the scourge of this society.

As the history of London reminds us, fire can arise from the wounds, the demolition of the structures of domination by fire. In the fire of 1666, during the plague epidemic, dozens of churches and a good part of many public buildings burned. Unfortunately, following that fire, London was rebuilt in a way that favored social control and city governance. This time we want to avoid that this moment of crisis leads to a restructuring of the current system.

Because it could only happen in a more authoritarian and security-minded sense.

We are facing one of the biggest crises that the dominant social structure has ever known: the ideological system that tries to justify it is collapsing under the evidence of an ecological disaster that is constantly worsening on a planet entirely inhabited and colonized by humans.

The pandemic we are experiencing is part of this situation, a widely predictable and almost predicted event that, most likely, will be repeated in the future with different catatrophic actors – viruses, famines, climatic and atmospheric events.

The consequent imprisonment of a large part of the population, caused by the current eco-fascism, could lead to situations of intolerance, rebellion, revolt.

So those who have dedicated their lives to the practice of obedience in exchange for the security of compulsion, of obligation, suddenly discover that a sneeze can lead to an unexpected end.

Without any more certainties, choosing to continue following the path of obedience can only offer the same uncertainties offered by its desertion, by the risky choice of the path that leads to revolt. An untracked path that leaves centuries of domination behind to explore a future of liberation.

To trace this path, or at least to try to follow it, it is necessary to open a debate, continually discuss how domination reacts to the evolution of events, understand how to hit it and how to support the riots that will erupt.

Beyond languages ​​and borders.

How to contribute?

This site is a constantly changing tool, open to collaboration and to the help of anyone who understands the importance of a comparison: translations, news, proposals, graphic designs and dissemination of the various texts are all important contributions.