Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Mar 082013

from SabotageMedia

During the night of February 26, inspired by the demonstrators that afternoon who attacked the police and refused to be dispersed, we used a fire extinguisher filled with paint to spray a CCTV camera and a large (A) on the walls of Cégep du Vieux Montréal. During the night of March 3, we broke a CCTV camera at Cégep Maisonneuve by dropping a slab of concrete onto it from the roof. The front entrance windows were also smashed with a hammer.

Because we’ve had enough of student democracy. Because the “50% + 1” functions to control revolt and isolates ideas and individuals. Because the majority is often found on the other side of the barricades, or simply in front of their TVs. Because we are enraged by this system of social control, the cameras scrutinizing our movements, the guards in every hallway, the police in the streets, the snitches who betray us, and we will act against all these forms of domination regardless of a vote in a general assembly.

Let our rage live in the streets and not only in the general assemblies. Let’s clear the streets of the eyes of power. Let’s live revolt.

-some anarchists

To fill fire extinguishers with paint:
– Only some extinguishers can be refilled; they are usually silver, come in smaller backpack sizes and larger sizes, and the top can screw off.
– Empty the extinguisher of its contents and pressure, and unscrew the top. For the large version, pour a gallon of latex paint into the top with a funnel, and then half that amount of water. There should still be enough room for air.
– Replace the top and shake for a few minutes to mix its contents.
– Pressurize the extinguisher to the green zone on the gauge with a bike pump.
– Wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove any prints.
– Useful for out-of-reach cameras, enormous graffiti, riot police visors and police vehicle windows to obscure their vision during demonstrations – the possibilities are endless!

This action was claimed securely by using Tails on an anonymous laptop (not linked to anyone, with the Media Access Control address changed), and by accessing an unlocked wifi network found on the street and hidden from the view of any cameras.