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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
May 242014

From abajolosmuros, translated by Act for freedom now!


Today while waiting for roll call by my jailer I set to enjoy a bar of dark chocolate.

As the puppet-screw carried out his routine I closed my eyes and began to daydream; I was able to go out for a moment from this reality and imagined myself light and free, strong and determined, my chest filled with love and desire for a new world organized differently, functional for all regardless of gender or the geographic area where we happened to be born and where a barrier of concrete or wire does not interfere with human brotherhood or restrict free movement of individuals from one place to another. A world of people autonomous and free, horizontally, who do not relate competitively but according to basic and fundamental principles such as mutual aid and solidarity.

I imagined a place where a smile is worth more than a fucking chance of “progress” (advance of the few and receding of many)where individuals are all able to take control of their lives and have the ability to organize with their equals to form social bonds without power structures.

I imagined a world where I can walk hand in hand with my little daughter without fear of her being stolen by the police or violated as a result of a programme of ‘social peace’ by some petty politician. A place where everyone would roar with laughter at the very thought of being coerced and manipulated by any authority imposed by a handful of beings with certain “airs” of class superiority. I opened my eyes somewhat nauseated by the chocolate, to hear the voice of the duty screw calling my name and I quickly came back to reality, to that repulsive apparatus of exclusion and isolation called jail. And then I thought that to have the possibility of making this beautiful utopia become reality it is not enough to desire it, think it and write it, but to act, here and now, starting from myself and not wait for the ‘right’ moment …start the destruction.

With much affection for the comrades of CNA, Mexico, for their 10 years of struggle.

¡Viva la Anarquía!