Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Jul 082014

From contrainfo, translation waronsociety:

I start this letter by sending a sincere greeting to the compas outside these walls, hoping that the unisonous rhythm of rebellion continues to beat in their hearts and that this is reflected in their daily actions.

Last week I was very happy to receive a small but important detail which the compañerxs got to me in prior warning. Amidst the monotonous and heavy daily life of imprisonment, one hopes that “something” outside of the routine will happen, and this is why at more or less  the indicated time I set my gaze on the sky and the greeting arrived in the form of fireworks. In each one that exploded I could feel your greetings and care. It was impossible to physically see them, but I could feel them close by, and in that moment I could feel complicit in your solidarity-action, to the point of imagining your smiling and mischievious faces, laughing to yourselves at any possible risk, and it left me clearly feeling that when a compañero or compañera is kidnapped by the state, the fight is extended from both sides–inside and outside–of the walls, and each side, from their possibilities uses attacks which can make the fight more effective (here I want to make it clear that for me attack does not only signify the destruction of something material, but also the iconoclastic disobedience of that which is imposed within a system).

It also became clear to me that when there is an arrest the prisoner is not the only one affected, depending on how hard the blow is, it can extend to other compxs who can have the same thing happen to them, and even something more harsh than the confinement itself.

So, while watching and listening to the exploding fireworks, I thought that I would like to share the joy I was feeling with some compañerxs, specifically Bruja, Tripa, the Skin, Benja, and Justine–being the only ones I know of–who in way one or another, may be going through difficulty for having been associated with the 5E (January 5th) case that concerns Amelie, Fallon, and me.

I take advantage of this letter to send a great embrace to the 5 and to everyone who has sustained raids and harassment during the investigation process, full solidarity for you, and to reiterate we do not forget you here and we always keep you present. You are not alone, we are not alone!!

I have a bit to say on the topic of organization…

– As revolutionaries we feel the need to always be in conflict in every place where domination seeks to set its disgusting presence, not only in prison but in every place where there are relations of power and authoritarianism. This is why it isn’t necessary to be an ardent mass desiring change, I believe that with small organized groups there can be satisactory results… But what happens when instead of striving to be truly troublesome to the enemy we entangle ourselves in personal fights, unconstructive polemics and betrayals between revolutionaries ourselves? Well the result is obvious: division, not only between groups but between compañerxs in affinity, rupturing of projects, non-solidarity from some toward others, the “judge” that some carry inside comes to light and they start to look for the guilty ones in the movement, confusion, etc, etc, and even more obvious is that we practically do the “job” of the state to debilitate something that was surely on the rise.

And it’s not that anyone is trying to be a little angel and not cause problems among compañerxs–there will always be problems–and I do consider it necessary to pay attention to them in their moment, and it is necessary to break the relation completely, but not to do it when the rope is around your neck and diminishing the spirit of the rest.

There does not exist, as I said before, a magic recipe to solve something, but I still think that the immediate conscience is the first phase of the attack.

At times like these I am struck by a question, perhaps somewhat stupid, but it seems logical to me: If we say we are so antagonistic and do not keep quiet before injustices, then why do we do it among compañerxs? It falls to each one’s conscience, but faced with situations of this magnitude, there are many things to do, restructuring is always possible and projects go forward again.

This is why I keep betting on informality as concretely anarchist organization, and it is through tensions, debates and deepenings (of personal character and of social problematics) that we identify ourselves to our affinities, that is, to the people with whom we gain mutual knowledge and surely carry out some project(s). I see it as rather complicated to carry something out with someone who you don’t have affinity with. A friend asked me once, “and how does one measure affinity?” I answered her that with greater deepening and mutual knowledge, greater confidence, greater actions together and so, greater affinity.

Finally I take this opportunity to send a friendly greeting to the Mexicali gang, for the support I receive, ¡¡Fierro Cabronxs!!

That is all for now, I look forward to being in contact with some of you (though I would prefer with all of you, but it cannot be) and I send kisses and hugs to all.