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Apr 042014

sabotagemedia receives this translation from spanish

It is said, that to comprehend a reality, it is necessary to live it, and here in the Oriente prison, I can clearly observe, that in an overwhelming statistic, the raw lived reality is caused by a system of domination designed for the control of everything, that because of them can be controlled.

When something or someone results outside of the parameters of their structure, that someone or something is transformed into an error and they rapidly “repair” it with their inflexible institutional methods.

We the prisoners (of conscience, political, anarchist, etc) are the parts that failed in the system.

Talking with some of the prisoners in this jail, I’ve become very curious, they have related tales of some of the crimes they have committed, like robberies for example, which is one of the most common ones, and done to get easy money or to cover basic necessities, but digging into their past, almost all of them have suffered hunger in their childhood, misery, exploitation, drug addiction etc. marking the individual and condemning him to become part of this failure.

That is part of the game of the system, they being the makers of “criminality” and then they “criminalize” it. I’m not claiming to justify the “infraction”, only expressing my feelings of how this emerges from the cogs in the system, like the division of society into classes, the unjust distribution of the wealth that the workers create and that the exploiters enjoy, social programs for the re-routing of resources, well manicured reforms that benefit those up top, media manipulation, etc.

It’s the same system that forced our comrade Mario López “El Tripa” to live underground. Friend and comrade Tripa, with these line I send my solidarity and join you in brotherhood. To break with the establishment, to be consistent and to search for freedom is part of anarchist living, and it’s part of your life. And even thought evasion is the price you pay, I know that you will confront it with strength and dignity, carrying with you the old saying “It’s preferable to live on your feet than to die on your knees”

Living Anarchy!

Confronting the dominant system!

Carlos López “Chivo”
Oriente Prison.

To write to Carlos:

Reclusorio Preventivo Oriente
Carlos López Marin
Calle Reforma #50
Col. San Lorenzo Tezonco,
Deleg. Iztapalapa
C.P. 09800