Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Nov 202014

via act for freedom now!:

We have been in prison for over 10 months now. In recent weeks they have passed two sentences on us: federal and common. On November 1 Judge Manuel Munoz Bastida of the eighth federal court of Reclusorio Sur handed down a sentence of seven and a half years’ prison on charges of “Arson to a public building with people inside,” this for the damage caused to the “Mexican communication and transport offices”.

The “people inside” are the two federal pigs that were in charge of the security of the place. Then, on November 7, we received the second sentence for the common court charges of “damage to private property in a group” and “breach of the peace”. These charges relate to the attack that occurred at the car dealership of Nissan. It being on the corner of the STC where we burned the cars.

Judge Margarita Bastida Negrete of the court of common law # 18 of Reclusorio East sentenced us to two years and seven months in prison, joining the two charges so that material damage and breach of the peace became damages of 108 000 pesos. According to the law, for all sentences of less than 5 years, first time offenders are entitled to certain benefits.

In our case, if we pay a fine of 43,000 pesos we will be released immediately or we can pay a minimum of 10,000 pesos each and sign each month to the court during the 2 years and 7 months. We shall appeal against both sentences, because the public prosecutor has appealed against the common court ruling, and we against the federal sentence. They should come to their decisions within five months. In fact it is the federal sentence that is keeping us inside here. In order to get out the federal judgment must be less than five years. So, we will see in the coming months if there is a chance to leave this place.

We have been informed of the publication of an article in the Quebec newspaper “La Presse”, one of the most widely read newspapers in Quebec, by Philippe Teisceira-Lessard. We are angry about the publication of this article that talks about our case, citing in part our public letters and what our lawyer told the reporter.

We have never asked any of the mass media to spread news of our case, nor did we authorize our lawyer to communicate any information to journalists. If we have anything to communicate, we prefer to do ourselves. The mass media are enemies in the same way as the police are, the most powerful instruments of social control that exist at the present time. That said, may that asshole Philippe Lessard stop harassing our families and be clear that we have no need of his articles to discuss our situation.

So, we carry on, with strength in our hearts and shitting on justice and the State. We do not expect anything from the law, even if we really want to get out of here.

Strength to our accomplice Carlos Lopez Marin (in East), comrade Luis Fernando (South), to Abraham and Fernando (North). In addition, greetings to Mario Gonzales, now free, and a very strong hug to Felicity, Tripa and the witch.

Fire to civilization, war on society.

Until freedom and beyond!

Santa Martha