Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Apr 272016

Every year, in May, the island that we now call “Montreal” is celebrating the festival of anarchy!

We are inviting you Thursday, may 5th, a few days after the multiple Anti-Capitalist May 1st demos, to the launch of the other festivals and events that will happen during the month of may!

Program of the night:

– Projection of a movie about the Montreal Anarchist bookfair + friends, 40min. (more infos to come)

– Lauch of the program of the Anarchist Film Festival organised by Insurgent Projections !!

– Lauch of the program of the International Anarchist Theatre Festival of Montreal 2016 + projections of some play excerpts

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair 2016

Festival Art et Anarchie + Anarchie dans la rue

– and much more to come (infos to come soon) !

– DJ and festive evening!

Some food and juices will be offered.

We will continue the night in a bar close to where the event will happen after 23h!

Ps. If you want your group, activity or events to be presented at this launch, please write to us!

(more info to come when the local will be confirmed. We would like to specify that this event is probably going to take place at UQAM. However, we don’t support in any way the repressive politics put forward by UQAM’s admin and we would like to express our solidarity to our comrades that still cannot/or do not want to enter in this institution because of their probation conditions).