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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Apr 102013

From Anarchistnews

During the month of March, a poster was placed at the entrance to the phase A section of the highway 167 development project that will lead to the “Renard Project” and the Stornoway diamond mine. The poster read “Attention, mine anti-personnelle sur les prochains 10 km (Danger, explosive mines in the next 10 km)”.

During the same night, the SOQUEM office in the city of Chibougamau was vandalized. The facade of the building was completely covered in paint (by an extinguisher), including all the cameras. A window was smashed with a hammer and graffiti written saying “Fuck le Plan Nord”.

SOQUEM is one of the more active partners in the “Renard Project”. SOQUEM and its partners currently finance more than $10 million of exploration in Quebec.

Fuck the Plan Nord and all mining companies!

Let’s continue the attacks!

– some anarchists