Communiqué poster series


We understand offensive attacks on domination to be integral to the anarchist project, and consequentially their communication is crucial for the effects and intentions of attacks to be expansive and inviting. Unfortunately, attacks are often communicated in ways that are limited to self-referential communiqués read only by other anarchists in disparate cities around the world.

We want to transform the relationship of attack claims to the spaces they occur in by spreading communiqués off the internet and into the streets. We want to open as many avenues of communication as possible. We want the ideas and intentions of these attacks to reach all those who share our desires to do away with the forces that dominate our lives. We want to amplify the signals that people are breaking with social control, and in doing so, refuse to let the memories of action disappear into the internet abyss.

Montreal Counter-information will be creating posters for actions in the Montreal region that we find inspiring. When submitting a communiqué, feel free to include a poster of your own design or artwork you would like included in a poster we design.