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Nov 282021

From the Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC)

This November 27th, 2021, the Convergence des luttes anticapitalistes (CLAC) called for a demonstration in front of the RCMP offices near the Atwater metro in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people. This call was supported by over twenty Montreal organizations. Thus, despite the cold and the huge police presence, there were more than 750 demonstrators who responded to the call with breathtaking energy, allowing to defend the right to protest in the face of an out of proportion police force.

Marlene Hale and Eve Saint, two Wet’suwet’en activists, gave speeches at the beginning of the demonstration, both highlighting the violence of RCMP interventions they have witnessed for years on their Yintah. Marlene Hale’s brother and his wife, both Wet’suwet’en elders, were arrested on November 18th during an RCMP raid in the Yintah. The two elders had to be sent to hospital because the RCMP confiscated their medication. Eve Saint, who was arrested in 2020 during the police raid that shut down the Canadian economy for several weeks, saw her sister victimized earlier this week and criminalized for defending her territory. The criminalization of indigenous people claiming territorial sovereignty must stop. Nothing else can be expected from a colonial state that lives only on mining, both here and abroad.

As usual, the CLAC deplores the brutality of the SPVM, which has once again beaten protesters, used pepper spray and made baseless arrests. The SPVM also systematically blocked the streets leading to the ultra-rich Westmount neighborhood, forcing us to change our route several times. The slogan “The police, at the service of the rich and the fascists”, chanted repeatedly, took on its full meaning. The message of the SPVM is clear: it will do everything it can to prevent us from defending the land and put an end to these colonial pipelines. One more reason to get rid of the police! Down with the SPVM! Fortunately, despite all the attempts of the police to prevent us from going north, then south, then east, the demonstrators managed to repeatedly thwart the police lines. As usual, without the efforts of each and every one of you, the police would have been able to maintain political control over the authorized demonstrations, and for that we warmly thank you.

The call of the CLAC to take to the streets on November 27th was in response to the many calls from the various Wet’suwet’en clans — including the Gidimt’en clan — for anyone who could not come to support the Wet’suwet’en locally to organize solidarity actions from coast to coast.

Since the violent arrests in the Yintah, many indigenous and non-indigenous communities have held demonstrations, blockades of railroads, bridges and ports to demand the removal of the RCMP and Coastal GasLink from Wet’suwet’en territory. Today, the CLAC and all the organizations endorsing the protest have joined our voices to theirs. Solidarity actions will continue as long as the RCMP and CGL continue to illegally occupy Wet’suwet’en territory.

Solidarity with the people who resist! Down with the colonial state! The struggle has just begun! The pipelines will not pass!

PS: A message sent to us from @landbackskyler of 1492 LandBackLane to all the people who are currently organizing in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en. Listen to the end!

The struggle continues

Given the efforts (or lack thereof) of the mainstream media to ignore the actions in solidairty with the Wet’suwet’en people, it is important to outline that the resistance is active everywhere in Quebec against Coastal GazLink for many months!

October 2nd: Attack on an RBC branch:

October 3: Banner drop in solidarity with the Gidimt’en clan:

October 8: Call to action from the Gidimt’en camp:

October 9: Rail blockade in Pointe St. Charles:

October 15: Railway blockade in St-Édouard-de-Maskinongé:

October 26: Night attack on five RBC branches:

October 29: Creative action in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en Nation:

October 29, 10AM: Rally and demonstration in Rimouski:

November 16: Road block of Notre-Dame Street during rush hour:

November 19: Fires lit on railroads in Point Saint-Charles:

November 19: Railway blockades in Lanaudière:

November 22: Railway blockade in Mile End:

Night of November 22 to 23: Rail sabotage at the Port of Matane:

November 24: Road blocks during the afternoon in Kahnawake:

November 24, 11AM, Rimouski: Rally in support of the Wetsuwet’en in front of the Rimouski MP’s office:

November 27, noon, Gaspé: Solidarity rally – From the Wet’suwet’en to the Kurds, Cradle of Canada (179 Montée Wakeham):

November 27, 1PM, Rimouski: Demonstration in support of the Wetsuwet’en in Rimouski, Cégep de Rimouski:

November 27, 1PM, La Pocatière: Solidarity rally with Wet’suwet’en, Cégep de Lapocatière:

December 1, noon, Quebec City: Solidarity rally with the Wet’suwet’en nation, Place Limouloise, Limoilou, Quebec: