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Montréal Contre-information
Feb 192018

From MTL Counter-Info

Montreal Counter-Information is an autonomous platform that receives anonymous submissions as well as texts spreading anarchist ideas of different tendencies. We do not condemn anything that is published on this site. We are not the authors of the submissions sent to us.

Recently we learned from an article in La Presse that the SPVM were investigating the website in order to try to find the actors behind some of the actions that have been shared on Montreal Counter-Information. This is the second article in the space of only a couple months. This media and police circus is trying to isolate the ideas behind Montreal Counter-Information and instill fear in the people who visit the site in order to render the spread of subversive information through the internet and social media even more difficult.

Concerns have been raised regarding the Facebook page: “The SPVM has demanded all the connection data (IP addresses) since the creation of the Facebook profile associated with the site in order to maximize the chances of identifying who manages it.” We will not cede to the pressure of the cops’ fear campaign and close the page. We think that the more people who consult the page, the more thinly the risk of repression will be spread. The goal of using Facebook is to be able to reach more people who are not necessarily in activist circles. Don’t give in to panic, this would mean playing into the repression.

Don’t forget either that the mainstream media are contributing heavily to this campaign of fear in an attempt to demonize the website. And of course journalists are feeding the police campaigns, hoping for arrests in order to fill their pages.

In solidarity,

Montréal Counter-Information