Haudenosaunee Land Defenders Call for an End to Criminalization of Land Defenders: Day of Solidarity October 9th

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Sep 082020

From 1492 Land Back Lane

September 6, 2020

In the past week, ten people have been arrested in connection to 1492 Land Back Lane. These include Allies who are non-Indigenous and people from other Haudenosaunee communities, as well as Mohawk researcher Courtney Skye and Oneida journalist Karl Dockstader.

Arresting our kin and allies is an escalation of violence on behalf of the OPP. Canada is choosing how to address our concerns and issues, and they have chosen to use police violence and criminalization instead of engaging with our community.

Our people have been charged simply for being in their territory, practicing our culture. Dealing with land disputes in this way is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

We believe that this is a deliberate strategy of the OPP, to intimidate our supporters and discouraged people from supporting our use of our land.

We fear that the OPP intends to cut off our ability to receive supplies, which includes food and water. If this technique is successful, it will continue a colonial strategy of using starvation as a technique to force Indigenous people from their lands.

We are calling for a day of solidarity on October 9, 2020.

Land Defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane also call on our allies to continue to contact their MPPs and the OPP and demand our community is respected and able to pursue justice for illegitimate development in our territory.

“It is deeply offensive and unjust for Haudenosaunee people to be arrested for defending their territory. Arresting Haudenosaunee for being on the land and attempting to erase us by using police violence doesn’t legitimize these false claims over our land,” says land defender Skyler Williams.

Further, Williams states, “thousands of people across Canada have reached out to support our community, hundreds of people from near and far have visited 1492 Land Back Lane. People who want to be on the right side of history know our sovereignty is more important than another subdivision on stolen native land.”

We call on our allies to continue to amplify our demand for peace and safety. Please continue to support us on social media and through donations on GoFundMe and e-transfer and PayPal at landback6nations@gmail.com.

[video] Statue of John A. Macdonald Toppled

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Aug 292020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Demonstrators took down the statue of John A. Macdonald today in downtown Montreal, at the end of the demonstration to defund the police. Macdonald was Canada’s first prime minister. He is responsible for the creation of the residential school system, the adoption of laws aiming to exclude people of Chinese origin, and the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel. A symbol of the colonialism and racism that persist in this country, the Macdonald statue had already been vandalized with paint many times. Further details will follow.

Direct action in so called BC

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Aug 112020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Editorial Note: MTL Counter-info typically publishes content from or directly related to so-called Quebec. This submission contains information that can be difficult to publish, so we are making an exception.

On August 3, in so called Smithers BC, we attacked Val’s Drilling rig #004, using the accelerant in plastic bottles and firestarter cube method. After receiving word that the drill had arrived in Smithers, we departed from Prince George immediately. After arriving in Smithers and getting our bearings, we posted up at the park across the street from the hotel that the drill was parked at. After gathering sufficient Intel, a plan was developed, and the decision to act in the early morning was agreed upon. After the device was planted and ignited, we immediately left back to prince George via highway 16. We believe that firm action is required to ensure that CGL does not drill underneath the Wedzin Kwah, by whatever means necessary. Solidarity with our Haudenoshaunee brothers and sisters facing off with the OPP pigs. No state militia sponsored industry on the stolen land that is Turtle Island.

Onkwehon:we take #landback at McKenzie meadows in Grand River

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Aug 092020

From Real People’s Media

The McKenzie Meadows development in Six Nations has been stopped, and a #landback occupation has begun.

SIX NATIONS – Despite high winds and heavy rain, a group of Onkwehon:we land stewards began reclaiming the McKenzie Meadows development in Caledonia, Ontario on Sunday, July 20th. The land, at the corner of Fuller Drive and McKenzie Road on the edges of Caledonia is across the road from Kanonhstaton – “the protected place” – the site of a 2006 land reclamation that made international headlines.

If allowed to continue, the McKenzie Meadows development would see the building of 700 homes on a 108 acre parcel of contested lands.

This multi-national reclamation is occurring hot on the heels of the Highway 6 bypass shutdown, which were held in support of Mohawk Warriors in Tyendinaga who were raided by the OPP for standing in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en.

The general sense of spirit at this site this evening speaks to the overwhelming urge to exercise the responsibility to take care of what little Onkwehon:we lands have been left undeveloped. A handful of community members were informed in April 2019 that the Six Nations Band Council (SNEC) had accepted an agreement on the previously dead deal for less than what was offered in 2013. The sum of $352,000 was funneled into the economic development trust fund and 42.85 acres are tied up in federal red tape awaiting a process to be added to the reserve land base. Those lands lie in limbo, similar to the Birch lands from 2006 and the Pines at Kanesatake from 1990.

The Six Nations Elected Band Council is a product of the Canadian government’s Indian Act and is directly accountable to the Minister of Indigenous Services Marc Miller. It was imposed on the Six Nations of the Grand River in 1924 by the RCMP. As a Federal Government entity the band council doesn’t hold any treaty rights, inherent rights, legitimate authority, over Onkwehon:we people to make decisions regarding their lands and rights.

A map showing the location of the McKenzie Meadows development.

Timeline of events

2003 – Land purchased by 2036356 Ontario INC McKenzie Meadows development. Micheal Corrado and others are listed as owners.

2006 – Hundreds of Onkwehon:we people repulsed an OPP attack on land defenders who stopped the Douglas Creek Estates development from occurring on lands that became known as Kanonhstaton or “the protected place.” An occupation lasting years began, and Kanonhstaton became the flashpoint for many ongoing protests and actions.

2013 – Six Nations Elected Council was informed by the developers of the McKenzie Meadows site that “This two-phased residential development project will consist of a minimum of 700 residential units with a maximum of 1000.  The entire land holding is approximately 107 acres, in which Phase 1 will develop 25.2 acres and 200 residential units”.  This was NOT supported through the community and therefore declined. The proposed deal was to see $1,250.00 per residential unit being paid to a dedicated purpose account for the construction of Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Private School. Minimum of 700 residential units up to a maximum of 1000 $1,250 X 700 = 875,000.00 OR $1,250 X 1000 = 1,250,000.00.

2019: Six Nations of the Grand River says it has accepted an accommodation deal with a developer building two new housing projects in Caledonia. Ballantry Homes has given 42.85 acres of farmland and $352,000 to the Six Nations Elected Council as part of the accommodation deal to approve two housing projects: Beatties Estates and McKenzieMeadows on the east and west sides of McKenzie Road in Caledonia. The first part of the project in McKenzie Meadows is located directly across the street from the former Douglas Creek Estates site where the land reclamation in 2006 took place. A total of nearly 1400 homes are proposed to be built between the two projects.

John A. Macdonald Statue in Montreal Vandalized with Paint (Again!)

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Jul 042020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Montreal, July 2, 2020 — As part of #CancelCanadaDay actions throughout the Canadian state, the #MacdonaldMustFall group in Montreal has once again vandalized the Macdonald Monument in Montreal, this time in yellow paint.

According to Roy G. Biv of #MacdonaldMustFall in Montreal: “This statue should either remain vandalized with paint, and we can declare a truce, or better yet, it should be taken down. Taking down a statue celebrating a racist person does not erase history, it is part of the ongoing struggle to resist racism and to properly contextualize our collective past.”

The #MacdonaldMustFall group in Montreal has explained its objections to celebrating John A. Macdonald previously as follows: John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist. He directly contributed to the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-white minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called “Aryan” Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese origin. He was responsible for the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel.

The Macdonald Monument has been vandalized so much in the past three years, that all main colours of the spectrum have been used to attack the monument: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


Selected photos and communiqués from previous attacks on the Macdonald Monument in Montreal:

Red: https://postimg.cc/2V0Rst1G
Orange: https://postimg.cc/BLBZS37c
Yellow: https://postimg.cc/sBYqhXSt
Green: https://postimg.cc/gnTkrHZp
Blue: https://postimg.cc/18tLwYzB
Indigo: https://postimg.cc/S2jPMsvm
Violet: https://postimg.cc/ykDj3sfv

Racist John A. Macdonald Monument vandalized with paint

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Jun 172020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Montreal, June 15, 2020 — Last night — in a post-Victoria Day / pre-Canada Day action — the Macdonald Monument at Place du Canada was sprayed in purple paint by local anti-colonial vandals.

-> Photos of the vandalized statue are available here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/XY4WtR4

The anti-colonial statue vandals practiced physical distancing, wore masks, and washed their hands before and after the action.

According to Seamus Grewal, one of the statue vandals: “The Macdonald Monument is the Canadian equivalent of a racist, Confederate statue in the United States; it stands as a symbol of colonialism and the subjugation of Indigenous peoples. The Macdonald Monument celebrates an individual whose policies are directly responsible for the genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada, and the celebration of white supremacy.”

Grewal adds: “The Macdonald Monument must be taken down immediately and put into a museum with proper historical context about racism and colonialism, and not remain celebrated in a major Montreal public space.”

Last night’s attack on the Macdonald Monument (1895) is, at least, the 15th paint attack on the statue in the past three years. This most recent action occurs as colonial and racist statues are being targeted for vandalism and removal worldwide. Racist and colonial statues have been toppled, beheaded, and otherwise attacked in the past two weeks all over the United States and beyond. Beyond the inspiring direct actions, even elected officials are pro-actively ordering the removal of racist statues.

Meanwhile, in Montreal, Mayor Valerie Plante publicly refused to remove the racist Macdonald statue in her response to a recent petition with more than 15,000 signatures demanding removal.

In response to Mayor Plante, Siobhan Dosanjh, another statue vandal,replies: “Relative to other public officials across North America, Mayor Plante is consistently indecisive in the face of racism and colonialism. She is a fake anti-racist, who continually delays or uses empty words when faced with demands for meaningful, structural change in response to racism.” Dosanjh adds: “From refusing to pro-actively defund the police, to her weak responses to Islamophobia, to her recent comments refusing to support the removal of a statue that is offensive both to Indigenous peoples as well as non-white Montrealers, Mayor Plante never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to meaningfully confront racism.”

Mayor Plante did propose the idea of a plaque to contextualize the Macdonald Monument. The #MacdonaldMustFall group in Montreal suggests the following wording: “John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist. He directly contributed to the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-white minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called “Aryan” Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese origin. He was responsible for the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel.”

Seamus Grewal of #MacdonaldMustFall states: “Nothing is stopping Mayor Plante and the City of Montreal from erecting a contextual plaque,something they could have done years ago. But mentioning a plaque now just serves as a distraction from the inspiring anti-racist momentum targeting symbols of racism and colonialism for removal. In the meantime, the paint we sprayed today should not be removed, because if it is, the statue will almost certainly be attacked again.”

P.S. Respect to the other anti-colonial vandals who recently spray painted “RCMP kill native women and men” on the Macdonald Monument.

Source: #MacdonaldMustFall Montreal

Contact: MacdonaldMustFall@riseup.net


Call for International Solidarity: Storm Their Fragile Bastions of Power

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Jun 032020

From Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Revolutionary greetings from the insurrection sweeping throughout the occupied territories of the so-called United States of America. We are asking comrades across the world for immediate and unrelenting acts of solidarity against the United States.

In the past few days, we have accumulated experiences that amount to decades of learning. In doing exactly what we previously thought was impossible, we have exposed this country for what it truly is: nothing more than a fragile paper tiger. Tearing at its massive technological police state, the black people of America have demonstrated that they will from hereon refuse to ever be intimidated by a power structure upheld by white terror and violence.

In its desperation, the State is now propagating the falsehood that this rebellion is being led by white outside agitators. We’ve all heard these lies before, most prominently in their history books, where they trot out fictional narratives about how Lincoln freed the slaves. This is nothing other than a more recent installment of an old paternalistic trick by the white supremacist establishment to deny black people the intelligence, the spirit, and the autonomous will to direct their own rebellion and free themselves. As the history of this miserable nation repeats itself once again, what has become clearly evident is that black people have been and will continue to be the only revolutionary force that is capable of toppling the oppressive status quo.

Everywhere the pigs have lost their will to fight. Their eyes, which only yesterday were windows to empty hatred and contempt, now display stultifying self-doubt and cowardice. For once, their behavior portrays their weakness as every step they take back is marked by hesitation.

Whether on the domestic or international front, we can see the Man’s backs up against the wall and so it is the time to be at our most tenacious. We cannot give him an inch to squirm wherever he has put pilfering uncalloused hands. This means that we are calling for all revolutionaries around the world to swarm with antagonistic actions and flood the streets with public demonstations.

Together, if we keep pushing, this land of chattel slavery, indigenous genocide, and foreign imperial aggression can finally be wiped out so that it will only be remembered as one of the more ugly chapters in human history. In turn, each step ushers in the freedom and the solidarity that crowds out the space of our once silent and unheard screams.

All power to the black insurgency!

Storm their vulnerable bastions of power!

Revolution now and always!

Hamilton: Rail Sabotage in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en struggle

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May 212020

Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-Info

Using the jumper-cable and wires method described elsewhere the track signalling system on a CN mainline in Hamilton was sabotaged last week. This was done in continuing solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and land protectors. Work on TC Energy’s Coastal GasLink pipeline continues without the consent of the chiefs and despite the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the chiefs with BC and Kanada. the colonial governments and capitalist industry do not indicate that they will respect the sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en.

This action was done to support and amplify this struggle and to encourage others to expand solidarity actions beyond letter writing and phone ins. Especially with KKR investment firm’s final investment decision in CGL later this month it is important to continue pressure. The RCMP and CGL mancamps aren’t respecting social distancing but we can still social distance and shut shit down!

From Embers : Reflections from Kanonhstaton

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Mar 132020

From From Embers

Talking with a non-native anarchist who spent time at Kanonhstaton in 2006, a land reclamation led by members of Six Nations blocking the development of a private subdivision on their territory.

We discuss his experience at Six, dynamics on the ground before and after the police raid, and the possibilities and complexities of anarchist-indigenous solidarity with the current wave of Wet’suwet’en solidarity in mind.

With music from Tru Rez Crew and Lee Reed.

Ontario: Three Railway Sabotage Actions in Solidarity with Land Defenders

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Mar 082020

Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-Info

It seems worth sharing that we have managed to shut down, (if only for a few to several hours), different rail lines in Southern Ontario using the ol’ copper wire technique. We did this three separate times targeting a junction in Milton, on lines that connect Kitchener-Waterloo to Toronto and Burlington. Using paper maps to follow where lines go, we had fun finding places to act with most impact. We learned more about how this was done following some of the other informative and inspiring posts here on North Shore.

These have been quick, successful, and gleeful ways to contribute to the efforts behind Shut Down Canada. Clandestine sabotages are meaningful tactics to popularize and normalize for many reasons:

-repression easily takes an upper hand in public protest

-it takes very little time out of one’s life to sabotage a line with copper wire, (once at a site, maybe 15 minutes or a bit more if the connection is not ideal at first)

-you can do this alone or with just one trusted person. This fact alone makes risk really very low

-social media posts and populating a google map of actions are not the end goal of settler solidarity The goal is to align with land defenders in actions that are strategic and that send fear into the hearts of the immensely powerful industries they are up against

-it is good for our hearts to strike back in these ways

towards the many beautiful possibilities!