Indigenous Peoples’ Day of Rage 2022

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Sep 202022

From Indigenous Peoples’ Day of Rage

This is a call for an Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage Against Colonialism on Sunday, October 9, 2022, everywhere.

We heard that mass actions are a bit out of fashion this season & lone wolfs or affinity groups are all the rage.

Counter the spectacle of the “good, respectable Indian” and their mundane celebrations of assimilation. Your ancestors invite you to embrace the veracious criminality of anti-colonial struggle and be smart (don’t get caught).

A banner drop? An attack on colonial symbols, monuments, etc. Spray paint? A broken window here, a burning xxxxxxx there? Be fierce and fabulously unpredictable and strike in the darkest part of the night (points if you use glitter). Even the smallest Indigenous dreams of liberation are greater than the settler nightmares we live everyday.

We won’t be making any lists or asking for emails this year due to a heightened sense for the need of greater security culture. Though we will post any securely and anonymously sent reports and pics in the aftermath.

In the spirit of Jane’s Revenge, abort colonialism. Colonizer (c)laws off our bodies!

– The insurrectionary anti-colonial invisible council of IPDR. #indigenouspeoplesdayofrage #indigenouspeoplesday

Railway Blockade on Unceded Nitassinan (Saguenay)

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Sep 092022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Wednesday evening, a collective of Indigenous and settler activists blocked the Roberval-Saguenay railroad belonging to the multinational corporation Rio Tinto in solidarity with the National Committee for First Peoples’ Rights which is paralyzing for a third consecutive day the railroad line located at the border of Labrador and Schefferville, which is used by the mining company Tata Steel. The solidarity blockade lasted one hour. These actions have the objective of reminding the governments that the members of the Indigenous communities in this country will no longer accept any compromises regarding criminal acts committed against them.

The band councils of Uashat mak Mani-utenam (ITUM) and Matimekush-Lac John are suspected of having obtained the majority of electoral votes through corruption, fraud, extortion, and breach of trust. The alleged acts took place between 2019 and 2022 and involved nearly $1.8 million in bribes and favors of various kinds. In the official complaint formulated to the Sûreté du Québec by the First Peoples’ Rights Committee, a list of evidence coming directly from ITUM’s accounting system shows that there were, without the knowledge of the members, approximately 325 billing payments from registrants for an approximate amount of $1,780,000. This amount would be the result of a contract signed with the mining company IOC Rio-Tinto in 2020, in which Chief Mike McKenzie’s team would have hidden the legal meaning of the numerous clauses of this agreement from the members, which would have had the effect of giving away, in an exclusive manner and without any time limit, all future rights to decision-making about exploitation of natural resources on the unceded Great Nitassinan, the territory of the Innuat people!

Today’s action by the collective in Saguenay is a reminder that the Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) and the band councils, which are nothing more than organizations of colonial assimilation set up by the federal government, are not masters of unceded Nitassinan. Agreements signed illegally, by extortion, without the consent of the entire Innuat people, will never again be tolerated. The mining companies have been destroying and polluting the territory of the Innuat for several decades. Our action is a direct act of ancestral sovereignty of the First Peoples. We have been perpetuating this ancestral governance for thousands of years. We are also acting for future generations to leave them a healthy land and to perpetuate our ancestral rights, our sacred relationship with Assi (the Earth) and all living beings. Enough is enough! Today we are acting in the name of a movement by Indigenous people and their allies, to denounce these criminal acts sanctioned by the Canadian and Quebec courts. We call for the multiplication of solidarity actions in relation to this struggle.

Announcing Creeker Vol 2 and The Creeker Companion Vol 2

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Sep 062022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Creeker is a grassroots, anti-authoritarian zine series that aims to bring depth, variety, critique and continuity to the ongoing process of reflecting on the Ada’itsx/Fairy Creek blockade and related efforts. It is intended for creekers themselves, land defenders elsewhere, and the land defenders yet to come.

Last summer on so-called Vancouver Island, thousands of people moved through a de-facto autonomous zone spanning multiple watersheds. A constellation of struggle burned bright, welcoming into its fold a new generation of land defenders. We cannot begin to fathom the amount of stories of collective and individual experience that have piled up, but we also recognize how sleep deprivation, trauma loops, burnout, and the shock of returning to society can preoccupy our minds.

In response to an open invitation to contribute to this zine project, many have shared some of what they have begun to process. Creeker Vol 1 and Vol 2 include art, analysis, photography, history, personal reflection and poetry that were anonymously sourced from participants at the blockade.

Creeker Vol 2 expands on some of the themes of Vol 1 with eloquent and hard-hitting writing exploring the dynamics of autonomous forest defense in conflict with recuperative tendencies at Fairy Creek, and the ever-present treachery of environmental NGOs and the non profit industrial complex. Vol 2 also begins to revive vital histories of radical, uncontrollable resistance in the nearby Kax:iks/Walbran and Elaho Valleys, helping to bridge emerging generation gaps caused in part by decades of pacifist liberal whitewashing.

Creeker Volume 2

The Creeker Companion zines are curated to complement the Creeker zines with material that’s relevant to Ada’itsx and similar movements, but much broader in scope. Companion Vol 1 and Vol 2 both explore topics such as movement history, state repression, and thoughtfully critical approaches to identity politics. Vol 1 features mostly longer form pieces, while Vol 2 samples briefly from various material including essays, poetry, communiques and more, joined together with a playfully insurrectionary vibe.

The Creeker Companion Vol 2

Both Creeker and the Creeker Companion may be of interest to anarchists and land defenders in general.

Vancouver: Multiple RBC Branches Targeted #AllOutForWedzinKwa

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Aug 092022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Early Monday morning, several small groups targeted 7 RBC branches spread across so-called Vancouver. We damaged locks, smashed windows, and left messages.

RBC continues to provide funding for the Coastal Gaslink pipeline crossing Wet’suwet’en territory. They are violating Wet’suwet’en law and are complicit in the criminalization of land defenders on their own territory.

We have not forgotten RBC. Lack of media attention will never diminish our hatred for CGL and their financiers. State repression won’t take away the joy of destroying their property.

May we find love and solidarity in the struggle against extractive projects.

Fuck RBC. Fuck the RCMP. No pipelines on Wet’suwet’en Yintah.

A Love Letter To The Wet’suwet’en (And Their Allies) Who Fight For The Land

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Aug 042022

Anonymous submission to North Shore Counter-Info

We heard some Wet’suwet’en Chiefs were visiting Six Nations territory Tuesday. We appreciate the energy and determination the Wet’sutwet’en have shown towards defending the land and lives of their people. We wanted to welcome them to the area.

We cannot be out west with you, but we are with you from here.

In the night of July 31, 2022 several small groups enjoyed the cool evening and – where opportunities presented themselves – took small actions against local rail infrastructure. We see rail as a colonial imposition, forced upon the territories of Turtle Island (and beyond) to expand colonization – and eventually industrialization and destructive extraction. An attack on rail is an attack on those things, and rail is everywhere and indefensible – so it is also an opportunity that is available to most.

Using various methods such as connecting copper wire between fish plates, smashing hot wheel equipment with hammers, and kicking large rocks into track switches we had ourselves a low stress evening which ultimately endangers no one but ourselves, but does create several annoyances for operators.

You, dear reader, can do any of these things too! We can slowly erode this system, as water will do even to rock.

We remember the rail blockades of 2020. We remember the slow build. The energy. We remember people stepping on to railways and wanting to know what was next: wanting more. They were ready to take a stand for the Yintah. For its people. And against our genocidal government and corporations.

We think it will look different – but believe we can get there again. The same way in which the hottest of fires can overwinter in a tree trunk only to burst forth when the time is right, making way for new life and a new world.

We stand with the Haudenosaunee taking back their land.

We stand with the Wet’suwet’en defending their land.

Welcome to the territories of the Haudenosaunee, Missisaugas, Huron-Wendat, Chonnonton, Erie & Petun people.


some people.

RBC, we have not forgotten you

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Jul 012022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

We’re not on vacation! Always ready for a little friendly RBC visit.

Heatwaves: Bothar’s Storage Yard

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Jun 242022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

We are anarchists committed to anticolonial and anti-extractivist struggles across Turtle Island. We have followed the fight of Wet’suwet’en land defenders against the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline and the subsequent repression of the RCMP on their territory. We want to let the contractors and benefactors of this project know that we hold them complicit in the colonizing violence of this pipeline project. They are not safe from us on or off the territory.

Sometime in this past month, we visited the Bothar company storage yard in Calgary. After some research, we found out Bothar is the company contracted to execute the microtunnelling process (AKA drilling) under the Wedzin Kwa, the last of nine major river crossings to be completed in the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

Based on our recon, we knew this company possessed in their Calgary yard at least 3 bore cutterheads, 2 slurry mixers (for the bentonite process), 2 sets of pipe thrusters, and 2 control stations to direct the bore during microtunnelling.

With a bit of practice, and some safe internet research, we easily learned how to use a portable oxy-acetalene torch. We broke into the lot where their equipment is stored. Even with increased police patrols and a busy neighbouring lot, we were able to sabotage various pieces of equipment, including the pipe-thrusters used to place piping under river beds. The entire operation took less than an hour, and we left some major damage in our wake. Now they know we can reach them anywhere, at any time.

A large proportion of Bothar’s key equipment is supplied by the German companies Herrenkencht + Bauer. If you are located in Germany, feel free to pay them a visit. They are complicit in violating Indigenous sovereignty and destroying the hereditary territories of the Wet’suwet’en peoples.

The tactic used here is one of many being leveled against CGL.
We chose to target Bothar directly for several reasons. Foremost, because attacking the equipment of the companies involved in these projects inhibits their ability to conduct work.

Furthermore, attacking companies away from the drill site spreads out the financial and defensive costs. The cost of damaged equipment and resulting delays creates a financial disincentive to participate in the CGL project, which is already massively over budget. Equipment loss and delays may help tip the scales in our favor. If all they are defending are their investments on a single drill pad, they can lean hard on the swarms of pigs and security goons currently bearing down on the Wet’suwet’en Yintah. But defending their investments across all of Turtle Island? Best of luck to them.

Finally, striking companies at their home base demonstrates that this fight isn’t localized to Wet’suwet’en territory. The more companies targeted, the clearer our message is. The Wet’suwet’en have called for actions of solidarity and this is a reponse.

Let this be a warning to any company which seeks to cause further harm to the planet in order to profit, and to all who would violate indigenous soverignty to further capitalist interests. No matter how much surveillance, security, and police patrols they try to protect themselves with, we will always find cracks in their systems. We can reach them. We will enter their yards, we will destroy their equipment, we can use their “advances” against them. If you and your comrades feel inspired to target the industrial players on this fucked-up imperialist game board, now is the time to get out there.

— some anarchists

P.S. Want to get started but not sure how? Check out these guides for ideas

Vancouver: Attorney General’s Windows Smashed after Approving Charges for Land Defenders

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Jun 082022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Last Wednesday, David Eby, the Attorney General of BC, fucked up by approving criminal prosecution of contempt charges against Wet’suwet’en land defenders and their supporters. We helped him re-decorate his office in recognition of his poor choices.

Early Tuesday morning, we smashed the glass of his fancy Kitsilano office. We left behind messages demanding that the charges be dropped. Eby and his prosecutors have no jurisdiction in Wet’suwet’en territory. Eby and all “canadian” politicians should understand they are watched and their racist decisions will always have consquences.

#AllOutForWedzinKwa #KillTheDrill

Early Monday Morning Wake-up Call for RBC

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May 312022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

A little reminder that we have not forgotten them this Monday morning! Have a good start to the week!

Thursday for Truth and Justice

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May 202022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

RBC is a dirty bank that fuels the climate crisis and global injustice. In solidarity we
visited this RBC Westmount branch as a little reminder.