Poster: Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

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Sep 172020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

PDF to print (11 x 17)

Poster text:

Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

It’s never too late to resist

Artificial Intelligence
AI labs, recipients of several $100M in government funding, are working to put “machine learning” algorithms in the service of a long list of industries. Under an “ethical” facade, some applications will simply allow well-placed capitalists to further enrich themselves. Others aim to reinforce repression, whether detecting shoplifters at the supermarket with automated video surveillance, developing facial recognition tools that work even on partly covered faces, or “predicting” crime or the probability of a prisoner re-offending.

5g Wireless Networking
The unprecedented bandwidth of 5G technology enables the deployment of AI on the scale of a city in real time. Every movement becomes trackable thanks to thousands of cameras integrated into a centralized surveillance apparatus. This vision is already in practice in more than one European “smart city”. Countless sensors dotting public spaces, in businesses, cars and public transit, and worn on our bodies aim to make every action the object of calculation, prediction and control, all under an eco-friendly label. By its pervasiveness, a web of algorithms is made invisible and therefore impossible to resist.

Robotics and Automation
Self-driving cars. Robotized warehouses. Cashierless stores. Delivery robots that call the cops when they are attacked. An infrastructure is being deployed that will change the world of work and our living environment permanently. We don’t mourn the disappearance of back-breaking and boring jobs. A dehumanizing pace is imposed on the remaining workers, who must keep up with the machines and productivity software or be shown the door. Meanwhile, what measures of social control and what exploitative schemes await the new excluded masses of an age of technological unemployment?

Life in Front of a Screen
Possibilities for authentic relations between humans and with our surroundings are increasingly erased in service of a virtual hyper- connectivity. Understanding, discovery, and the search for meaning are reduced to production of data. Attention deficit, memory problems, loss of emotional skills and imagination, disrupted sleep, musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, loneliness, depression: the symptoms of addiction to online technologies are worsening as the proportion of the population that has spent their entire lives immersed in touch screens grows.

For free and full lives, open to the unknown

Be the outage in their network!

Simon Fleurant: The Nazi Hipster from St-Jérôme

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Sep 142020

From Montréal Antifasciste

For a number of years, the Montréal Antifasciste collective has worked to expose individuals who exercise a certain influence in far-right and fascist circles in Québec.

There are always individuals whose influence is obviously limited but whose activity on social media indicates a profound engagement with fascist and Nazi principles and who, in an offhand way, contributes to the normalization of intolerance and hate online. We feel that the open expression of these sort of ideas (e.g., the hatred of Jews and the glorification of the Holocaust) should have consequences.

Saint-Jérôme resident Simon Fleurant is just such an individual.

We don’t see much point to droning on about his case. Instead, we chose to let the following collection of screen captures from his Facebook accounts speak for themselves. What follows is but a selection; we have archived dozens of similar posts and pictures.

It would seem that Simon Fleurant, who openly identifies as a Nazi, will soon start working for the Saint-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership. You can find their contact information here.

Simon Fleurant will soon start working for the Saint-Jérôme Chevrolet Buick GMC dealership…

… or has he started working there already?

We recommend that the dealership’s clientele give some thought to the fact that the company is employing a Nazi hipster who literally celebrates the extermination of Jews… (EDIT: The day after this article was published, the dealership commented on Montréal Antifasciste’s Facebook page to confirm that they terminated Simon Fleurant’s employment.)

Simon Fleurant also worked until very recently for the tailor Surmesur. (EDIT: Shortly after this article was published, we were informed that Fleurant no longer works there. He was, however, part of promotional video which was uploaded to Surmesur’s Facebook page and is still accessible there.)

Simon Fleurant describes himself as a National Socialist (Nazi) and a “super fascist.”

Simon Fleurant is what we call a “nipster”—a fascist hipster. His profile resembles that of a number of bottom feeders who identify with “alt-right” political culture, as well as with a traditional identitarian (or ethnic) nationalism strongly influenced by the historical fascist and Nazi currents.

Amon Göth was the SS bureaucrat responsible for the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Clearly, he serves as a role model for Simon Fleurant.

Oswald Mosely was the UK’s most important twentieth-century fascist politician. The use of triple parentheses is alt-right code to signify “Jews” without having to mention them. Likewise, the term globalism is a coded white nationalist euphemism for the Jews.

Notice the Sonnenrad (black sun) in the upper right-hand corner of this profile photo. The black sun is an occult symbol often used by neo-Nazis.

Simon Fleurant sees himself as a “super fascist.” We note in passing that he regularly uses his personal profile page to “like” his own fascist projections.

Simon Fleurant is unabashedly and grotesquely antisemitic.

Another antisemitic meme on Simon Fleurant’s Amon Göth profile page.

Simon Fleurant isn’t trying to hide his hatred of Jews on his Amon Göth profile page.

“(…) I’ll let you live for now (…)”

The imperial German navy’s war banner.

“qt white babies”

Apparently, for Simon Fleurant, true love is based on a shared commitment . . . to Nazism.

Simon Fleurant clearly thinks he’s the shit.

Simon Fleurant used his personal Facebook page to enthusiastically share the neo-Nazi image that the author of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand would use as an illustration for his “manifesto” a few months later (March 15, 2019).

Simon Fleurant isn’t shy about using his personal Facebook page to share antisemitic disinformation.

Using his personal Facebook page, Simon Fleurant recently shared a video, making reference to the music clip from which the phrase “remove kebab” originated. That phrase is a cliché used by neo-Nazis to make light of and ridicule the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. The Christchurch terrorist was listening to the song in his car when he launched his March 15, 2019, attack against two mosques, killing fifty-one Muslims.

Simon Fleurant claims that he uses his free time at work to “red pill” his colleagues. “Red pill” is a reference to the film The Matrix and has been widely adopted by white nationalists to describe a so-called growth of consciousness leading to a break with dominant social values. His current and future employers would doubtless be fascinated to know how he amuses himself at work.

On his personal Facebook page, Simon Fleurant “likes” an antisemitic meme.

Simon Fleurant mocks a client’s name, presumably while working for the tailor Surmesur.

Simon Fleurant tries his hand at racist humour.

A perfect example of the sugarcoated white nationalist discourse—or, more to the point, Nazi discourse. Note that the word globalism is superimposed on the Star of David.

Simon Fleurant recently posted this image on his personal Facebook page.

A grotesquely racist meme posted by Simon Fleurant on his personal Facebook page.

Simon Fleurant posted this anti-Semitic meme on his personal Facebook page. The portraits are of two mass murderers: Santigo William Legan (Gilroy, California) and Patrick Wood Crusius (El Paso, Texas). Neither one is Jewish and both embraced anti-Semitic and racist ideas.

Simon Fleurant declares some people suitable for extermination on his personal Facebook page.

For Simon Fleurant, there is no such thing as equality, and there should be no such thing as feminism.

Simon Fleurant recently posted this meme glorifying Kyle Rittenhouse, the young conservative militia member who killed two men and injured another at an antiracist demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020.

– Epilogue –

It would seem that this article has already had repercussions for Simon Fleurant. He has closed his “professional” Facebook page and limited access to his personal Facebook page. As to his “Amon Göth” page, he claims it was a fake account opened by “antifa people” to destroy his life.

While his “friends” are telling him to deny everything, he says that he will “take the lead” and meet his new employer first thing in the morning, probably hoping that his tale of a fake account will stick.

However, he must have read the article too quickly, because we clearly stated in it that we have archived dozens of his posts, and not only from the “Amon Göth” account, but also of his personal account “Simon Royale Fleurant”. —> See another significant sample of these posts here. Fleurant is not only a Nazi on his Nazi account, he is also quite a Nazi on his personal account! Moreover, as we indicated and as can be seen above in the article, Simon Royale Fleurant has very often “liked” the posts of “Amon Göth”!

As for the employer, they commented on Montreal Antifascist’s Facebook page to say that they are taking the situation very seriously. Let’s bet that this morning meeting will be interesting…

It is obvious that Simon Fleurant is panicking and is trying to save face by inventing a ridiculous excuse for himself. Rest assured that we intend to make him pay the social cost of being a Nazi hipster in 2020. To this end, your help is invaluable to us: continue to share our articles and don’t hesitate to forward them to the relatives and employers of the individuals in question.

Haudenosaunee Land Defenders Call for an End to Criminalization of Land Defenders: Day of Solidarity October 9th

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Sep 082020

From 1492 Land Back Lane

September 6, 2020

In the past week, ten people have been arrested in connection to 1492 Land Back Lane. These include Allies who are non-Indigenous and people from other Haudenosaunee communities, as well as Mohawk researcher Courtney Skye and Oneida journalist Karl Dockstader.

Arresting our kin and allies is an escalation of violence on behalf of the OPP. Canada is choosing how to address our concerns and issues, and they have chosen to use police violence and criminalization instead of engaging with our community.

Our people have been charged simply for being in their territory, practicing our culture. Dealing with land disputes in this way is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated.

We believe that this is a deliberate strategy of the OPP, to intimidate our supporters and discouraged people from supporting our use of our land.

We fear that the OPP intends to cut off our ability to receive supplies, which includes food and water. If this technique is successful, it will continue a colonial strategy of using starvation as a technique to force Indigenous people from their lands.

We are calling for a day of solidarity on October 9, 2020.

Land Defenders at 1492 Land Back Lane also call on our allies to continue to contact their MPPs and the OPP and demand our community is respected and able to pursue justice for illegitimate development in our territory.

“It is deeply offensive and unjust for Haudenosaunee people to be arrested for defending their territory. Arresting Haudenosaunee for being on the land and attempting to erase us by using police violence doesn’t legitimize these false claims over our land,” says land defender Skyler Williams.

Further, Williams states, “thousands of people across Canada have reached out to support our community, hundreds of people from near and far have visited 1492 Land Back Lane. People who want to be on the right side of history know our sovereignty is more important than another subdivision on stolen native land.”

We call on our allies to continue to amplify our demand for peace and safety. Please continue to support us on social media and through donations on GoFundMe and e-transfer and PayPal at

[video] Statue of John A. Macdonald Toppled

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Aug 292020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Demonstrators took down the statue of John A. Macdonald today in downtown Montreal, at the end of the demonstration to defund the police. Macdonald was Canada’s first prime minister. He is responsible for the creation of the residential school system, the adoption of laws aiming to exclude people of Chinese origin, and the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel. A symbol of the colonialism and racism that persist in this country, the Macdonald statue had already been vandalized with paint many times. Further details will follow.

Sylvain Marcoux: A Nazi with the Conspiracy Theorists

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Aug 292020

From Montréal Antifasciste

Journalists recently reported on arrests in relation to online threats against Horacio Arruda, Quebec’s public health director and the public face of Quebec health policy in the context of the pandemic.

These arrests bring to light the involvement of a section of the far right in mobilizations against mandatory masks, social distancing, and other measures put in place to minimize the risk of contagion in public places.[1] In a July 31 blog post, the antiracist blogger Xavier Camus reported a post by QAnon true believer Fabrice Descurninges, which included the home address of Horacio Arruda. Camus also reported – with the aid of numerous screenshots – on a similar post by Sylvain Marcoux, whom he described as a “violent conspiracy theorist.”

Marck Lelou is one of numerous pseudonyms used by Sylvain Marcoux on Facebook.

One week later, the main media outlets in Quebec (including Radio-Canada, La Presse, and the Journal de Montréal) reported that Sylvain Marcoux had been arrested “for having allegedly harassed Dr. Horacio Arruda and his family on social media.” Surprisingly, none of these media outlets mentioned Marcoux’s political ties to the most hardcore sections of the far right, specifically to the scene around the Fédération des québécois de souche, despite the fact that these ties are easy to find with a simple google search. This nationalist polemicist and Nazi fetishist who ran as an independent  candidate for provincial office had benefited from similar kid gloves treatment from those few journalists who had cared to report on his 2018 electoral bid…

While he is by no means a leading light of the Quebec far right, we feel this presents an opportune moment to review Marcoux’s political itinerary over the past decade.

WARNING: this article includes explicitly racist and antisemitic screenshots.


Marcoux first appears online as part of the “hardline” and right-wing nationalist milieux. Over a span of a few months in 2011, he wrote 13 articles on Vigile.Quebec, a website that offers an open tribune to pro-independence and nationalist writers of various tendencies, and which has become dominated by the far right over the past years. The subjects of his writings at that point were the standard fare for frustrated identitarian nationalists: denouncing the PQ for not being serious about independence and condemning multiculturalism as a threat to Quebec identity.

Perhaps encouraged by his initial efforts as a writer, Marcoux came out with a (very) short booklet in 2012: Pour un ralliement national canadien-français. Published (somewhat surprisingly) by Guerin, which described it as a “manifesto”, this text is a call for an ethnic nationalist project for an independent French Canada. The author notes the recent use of the term Québécois to designate the descendants of French colonists in Canada, and rejects it, but other than that the booklet is not very noteworthy. Despite his footnote about Jews being a particularly xenophobic group, and passages about Indigenous people denying their claims to sovereignty (while also claiming a European presence in North America going back over 1,000 years), the kind of racism implicit in his call for nationalism to be based on French Canadian ethnicity is sadly not at all beyond the pale in Quebec. And indeed, in 2012 Marcoux was still claiming that the nationalism he was proposing, while cultural and ethnic, was not racial – regardless of their skin colour or personal origins, anyone who identified with and assimilated into French Canada could be a French Canadian:[2]

“Pour le Ralliement national, le « nationalisme » n’est donc pas fondé sur la « race » (morphologie, couleur de la peau…), mais bien sur la culture, c’est-à-dire l’ensemble des modes de vie et des convictions que partage la population vivant au sein d’un même territoire.” (Trans. : “For the Ralliement national, ‘nationalism’ is not based on ‘race’ (morphology, skin colour, etc.) but on culture, that is to say all of the ways of life and beliefs shared by the population living on a common territory.”)

He would write a couple of articles on Vigile.Quebec in 2013, but nothing more.

It is fairly clear that Marcoux had begun relating to the organized far right in Quebec by this point. After all, the assertion that one is not “racist” but simply preoccupied by “culture” is the exact same position put forth by the main far right currents throughout the West. Culture is implicitly understood as homogenous and static to the point of being frozen, rather than heterogeneous and constantly changing. It follows from this definition of culture that any criticisms or alternate views coming from Indigenous people or immigrants are viewed as intrinsically suspect, representing a threat to the dominant culture by their very origins. Leading to the clichéd garbage we hear from certain nationalists about immigration and multiculturalism representing “Trojan horses” which undermine French Canadian culture. The fact of the matter is that there are more similarities than differences between “biological” and “cultural” racism: in the final analysis, they are both essentialist views of identity which serve to justify discrimination, exclusion, and repression.[3]

In 2012, the Comité citoyen pour l’interêt du Québec – an otherwise unknown identitarian groupuscule – organized a talk where Marcoux could discuss his book. The Fédération des québécois de souche, which operates as a kind of clearinghouse for the fascist and white supremacist (or white “nationalist”) movements in Quebec, gave it a rave review, all the while criticizing his cultural as opposed to racial take on nationalism. A criticism that it would seem Marcoux took to heart.

During those years the FQS was collaborating closely with two other now-defunct fascist groups, la Bannière Noire and the Légion nationale. The three groups worked together to hold a number of small demonstrations, including an annual “March against Denationalization” held in Montreal in 2011 and in Trois-Rivières in 2012. Marcoux attended these marches, and was even interviewed by the media at the Trois Rivières rally. Insisting he was not a member of the Légion nationale, he rehashed the cultural-racist anti-immigration line described above, complaining that the majority was losing its standing, but insisting he was not a racist as “culture is between your ears.” Marcoux also gave an interview to the FQS on March 23, 2013, during a “militant action” at Montreal’s City Hall.

Marcoux spent much of the past ten years (2013-17) as a municipal councillor for the town of Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham, close to Drummondville, while also working as a welder. In this regard it is worth mentioning that Tradition Québec, a far-right Catholic traditionalist group with close ties to the FQS, has organized and promoted a series of religious services by Father Damien Duterte and Mgr Donald Sanborn, both “sedevacantists” theologically to the right of the larger and better-known Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX).[4] In 2019 three such events were held in the municipal hall at 1966 St-Joseph O., presumably with permission from the municipal council which Marcoux had served on for several years. It turns out that Marcoux himself lives (or lived) just across from the municipal building in question. Don’t worry, we’re not calling on anyone to “bang on his windows.” In fact, it turns out his place is for sale, if anyone is interested…

A photo of Sylvain Marcoux’s office at his home in Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham, from the page of a real estate agent. Note the “Black Sun”, a nazi symbol, on the wall.

From “Cultural Nationalist” to Hardcore Nazi

By the time he first came to our attention a few years ago, Sylvain Marcoux was already an out and out neo-nazi: social media posts denying the Holocaust, claiming Hitler was “the most beautiful soul ever on earth”, and talking about Jewish conspiracies to commit genocide against “white populations”. Indeed, he is one of the more virulent and vile racists on social media.

In March 2017, two months after Alexandre Bissonnette murdered six people and injured nineteen others in the Quebec City Mosque Massacre, Marcoux was on the website of Horizon Actuel Québec’s Nomos web-tv show, opining that there had been no deaths, that it had been staged and was all just “big liberal anti-Québécois grandstanding.”

Sylvain Marcoux claiming that the massacre at the Quebec City Mosque on January 29, 2017, was fake news.

Sylvain Marcoux hanging out with Robert Proulx and La Meute in an underground parking lot in Quebec City, August 20, 2017.

Marcoux has also been a regular at the various “big tent” mobilizations over the past years which were generally organized under the auspices of national-populist groups like La Meute and Storm Alliance. For example, he was spotted in a certain underground parking lot in Quebec City on August 20, 2017. He was also present at the anti-immigrant demonstration at St-Bernard-de-Lacolle on May 19, 2018, where he was interviewed by La Meute’s bumbling video crew, giving us this somewhat grotesque window into his way of seeing the world: : (…) The oligarchy… (…)

Marcoux : It’s the Jews … The real term is “Jews”. You were speaking before about taboos, there is no taboo. It is Jewish messianism … The Jew wants to dissolve the white nations. I am not afraid to say it. It’s not supremacist to stand up and say you’re white and proud to be white. The other races stand up for themselves, there is the Ligue des Noirs here in Quebec, imagine if there was a League for whites… The corrupt media, media working precisely for those Jews … When I say “Jews”, it’s Jewry. It’s Bronfman who is behind Trudeau … he works for his team. : You think it is about money power, beyond immigration (…)

Marcoux : It is more than money, it is really about dissolving the white nations, drowning them with immigration. Immigration… or even miscegenation. : Don’t you think that within Canada there is less immigration in the other provinces than in Quebec? (…)

Marcoux : Look, in Quebec… Go take a walk in Toronto, there is immigration there, whether legal or illegal, the goal is the same, the result is the same. (…) : The antifas claim that —

Marcoux : There is no such thing as antifa, antifa doesn’t exist. The antifas are just the shocktroops of that damned Jewry, the globalist mafia. Jewish messianism, freemasons … When I say “freemasons” people turn their heads … All the internationalist organizations that want precisely to dissolve the white nations, the West, Canada – the United States was white originally – Europe, France, Germany, Denmark, England … : It is worldwide…

Marcoux : No, it’s whites, the white countries. There is no immigration in Saudi Arabia. The Jews are kicking their asses to get rid of them. They got rid of 40,000 recently, and they send them here … with a UN programme (…)

Things had clearly changed for Marcoux (either his views, or his willingness to be candid about them) since his declarations a few years earlier that his politics were not about race, just about “culture”. We are reposting below a series of screenshots to make things clear; taken from his main Facebook account (now deactivated) and his secondary accounts, they confirm where Marcoux situates himself. Note that many of the antisemitic articles posted by Marcoux come from the democratieparticipative website, a French neo-nazi website modeled on the Daily Stormer. [see the images at]

Sylvain Marcoux, Candidate in the Provincial Elections

Marcoux’s politics were on full display in 2018, when he ran as an independent candidate in his riding of Drummond-Bois-Francs; he spoke to journalists about banning Islam, and how Muslims belonged in psychiatric asylums, and revisited other far right talking points, including about the so-called “Great Replacement”:

Screenshot of Marcoux explaining his anti-immigrant programme in the 2018 provincial elections

Journalists treated him as an oddity, but none decried the racism at the heart of his campaign, nor did any report on his (fairly easy to find) links to the organized neo-nazi movement in Quebec. Yet for all his efforts and despite this kid-gloves treatment, “the people” were clearly indifferent. He received only one donation of $100 (from his campaign manager, Julien Chapdelaine – himself active in Catholic traditionalist circles and Tradition Québec), and 250 votes (just under 1% of the total in his riding).

Conspiracy Theories and Where They Can Lead

Which brings us to the present day: Sylvain Marcoux has been charged with disseminating the home address of Horacio Arruda, and calling upon “1,500, 3,000, 15,000 angry nationalists” to go and “knock on his windows.”

Opposition to public health measures in the context of COVID-19 is increasingly widespread, bringing together people who hold alternative health and New Age spiritual beliefs, those who distrust the government or simply feel it is overstepping in legislating people’s personal choices (not always without reason, for instance in the case of Bill 61), and a very significant number of far rightists, who see the current crisis as a critical stage in the globalist conspiracy they believe is besieging the world. One can spot several key figures from the nationalist-populist milieux at the head of the anti-mask movement, including Steeve Charland (former second in command at La Meute) and Mario Roy (Storm Alliance). Many aspects of the purported global conspiracy—which have recently come to include claims about pedophile and Satanist networks— can be traced back to pro-Trump polemicists, networks, and platforms in the United States which are fiercely xenophobic, racist, and sexist[5].

In his opposition to Arruda and his public health measures, as in his passage from “hardline” (but cultural!) nationalism to outright neo-nazism, Marcoux is emblematic of some of the broader trends and dynamics within both the far right and Quebec nationalism that we have worked to expose and combat over these past years.

It is tempting to make fun of conspiracy theorists, and one could go on about how they are stupid and ignorant, hypocritical opportunists. Or perhaps about how marginal they are and how the vast majority of people in Quebec do not share their views. But individuals like Sylvain Marcoux have gotten involved in conspiracy theory-driven movements and push the envelope, making more and more provocative statements, while acting to sustain Quebec’s historic crypto/neo-nazi movement and to introduce its odious ideas to these new political milieux and campaigns. We are currently witnessing precisely such a convergence today in the mobilizations against mandatory masks. This dynamic is reconfiguring the national-populist forces, which are increasingly influenced by the fascist tendencies.

As such, Sylvain Marcoux’s trajectory is primarily of interest for the way in which it reveals the cultural and political transformations going on and gives us an idea of what may be to come.

Marcoux may be an idiot, but he is also potentially dangerous.

[1] About this, see the excellent report by Xavier Camus, as the traditional media outlets are fast asleep at the wheel on this story :

[2] To talk of assimilation, rather than integration for instance, itself raises the spectre of threats or coercion, and implies a fundamentally unequal relationship between the historically dominant society and more recent newcomers.

[3] According to which, one cannot ever really “become” French, French Canadian, or what have you; for instance, even after living in Quebec for decades – indeed, even if they are born here – Muslims are still seen as foreigners. It’s all good and fine to make a distinction between “culture” and race understood as a matter of skin colour, according to the essentialist view these distinctions (and not social class, gender, or other kinds of structural social relations) still fundamentally determine who we are, and cannot ever really be acquired or changed. This is connected to the argument that not all cultures are equal, that some are superior to others. One’s cultural affiliation or identity therefore becomes the basis for your place in a hierarchy, justifying various forms of exclusion and domination.

[4] Tradition Québec, led by activists Kenny Piché and Étienne Dumas, was previously aligned with the FSSPX but split from the group 2017-18. It seems TQ felt the FSSPX had become too “liberal”.

[5] A recent exposé on Radio-Canada showed how Youtube’s algorithm makes suggestions that direct people interested in various conspiracy theories to far right websites like DMS and

Two Atalante Members Doxxed and Attacked

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Aug 132020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Atalante is a neo-fascist organization mainly present in Quebec City (see the articles of Montréal Antifasciste concerning them). In Montreal, the group gathers a handful of neo-Nazis. Here we expose two of them. Shawn Beauvais-Macdonald, the now famous Charlottesville Nazi, is a long-standing fellow traveler of Atalante (in the photos below, he poses with Raf Stomper, the head of the organization, and in an Atalante action). He resides in an apartment on the second floor of 2045 Elmhurst Avenue in Montreal-West.

He proudly displays his racism, including in his bathroom window where he had a flag combining the Nazi black sun and the fleur de lys. Unfortunately for him, the flag was removed a few weeks ago.

Francis Hamelin is an “old guard” who participated in the founding of Troisieme Voie and helped Atalante set up in Montreal (with the success we’re all aware of). He lives with his family at 2669 rue Monsabré, in the Longue-Pointe area of the east end, where he discreetly displays Nazi and SS flags.

By sharing photos of his artwork (a bust of Adrien Arcand) and his nice truck, he involuntarily revealed his address.

His vehicle was redecorated with tags reading “Nazi” and “Nazi scum” a few weeks ago, in order to warn his neighbors of the trash he is.

The Nazis of Atalante will never have peace. Montreal is antifascist. Further messages will follow.


Direct action in so called BC

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Aug 112020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Editorial Note: MTL Counter-info typically publishes content from or directly related to so-called Quebec. This submission contains information that can be difficult to publish, so we are making an exception.

On August 3, in so called Smithers BC, we attacked Val’s Drilling rig #004, using the accelerant in plastic bottles and firestarter cube method. After receiving word that the drill had arrived in Smithers, we departed from Prince George immediately. After arriving in Smithers and getting our bearings, we posted up at the park across the street from the hotel that the drill was parked at. After gathering sufficient Intel, a plan was developed, and the decision to act in the early morning was agreed upon. After the device was planted and ignited, we immediately left back to prince George via highway 16. We believe that firm action is required to ensure that CGL does not drill underneath the Wedzin Kwah, by whatever means necessary. Solidarity with our Haudenoshaunee brothers and sisters facing off with the OPP pigs. No state militia sponsored industry on the stolen land that is Turtle Island.

Onkwehon:we take #landback at McKenzie meadows in Grand River

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Aug 092020

From Real People’s Media

The McKenzie Meadows development in Six Nations has been stopped, and a #landback occupation has begun.

SIX NATIONS – Despite high winds and heavy rain, a group of Onkwehon:we land stewards began reclaiming the McKenzie Meadows development in Caledonia, Ontario on Sunday, July 20th. The land, at the corner of Fuller Drive and McKenzie Road on the edges of Caledonia is across the road from Kanonhstaton – “the protected place” – the site of a 2006 land reclamation that made international headlines.

If allowed to continue, the McKenzie Meadows development would see the building of 700 homes on a 108 acre parcel of contested lands.

This multi-national reclamation is occurring hot on the heels of the Highway 6 bypass shutdown, which were held in support of Mohawk Warriors in Tyendinaga who were raided by the OPP for standing in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en.

The general sense of spirit at this site this evening speaks to the overwhelming urge to exercise the responsibility to take care of what little Onkwehon:we lands have been left undeveloped. A handful of community members were informed in April 2019 that the Six Nations Band Council (SNEC) had accepted an agreement on the previously dead deal for less than what was offered in 2013. The sum of $352,000 was funneled into the economic development trust fund and 42.85 acres are tied up in federal red tape awaiting a process to be added to the reserve land base. Those lands lie in limbo, similar to the Birch lands from 2006 and the Pines at Kanesatake from 1990.

The Six Nations Elected Band Council is a product of the Canadian government’s Indian Act and is directly accountable to the Minister of Indigenous Services Marc Miller. It was imposed on the Six Nations of the Grand River in 1924 by the RCMP. As a Federal Government entity the band council doesn’t hold any treaty rights, inherent rights, legitimate authority, over Onkwehon:we people to make decisions regarding their lands and rights.

A map showing the location of the McKenzie Meadows development.

Timeline of events

2003 – Land purchased by 2036356 Ontario INC McKenzie Meadows development. Micheal Corrado and others are listed as owners.

2006 – Hundreds of Onkwehon:we people repulsed an OPP attack on land defenders who stopped the Douglas Creek Estates development from occurring on lands that became known as Kanonhstaton or “the protected place.” An occupation lasting years began, and Kanonhstaton became the flashpoint for many ongoing protests and actions.

2013 – Six Nations Elected Council was informed by the developers of the McKenzie Meadows site that “This two-phased residential development project will consist of a minimum of 700 residential units with a maximum of 1000.  The entire land holding is approximately 107 acres, in which Phase 1 will develop 25.2 acres and 200 residential units”.  This was NOT supported through the community and therefore declined. The proposed deal was to see $1,250.00 per residential unit being paid to a dedicated purpose account for the construction of Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Private School. Minimum of 700 residential units up to a maximum of 1000 $1,250 X 700 = 875,000.00 OR $1,250 X 1000 = 1,250,000.00.

2019: Six Nations of the Grand River says it has accepted an accommodation deal with a developer building two new housing projects in Caledonia. Ballantry Homes has given 42.85 acres of farmland and $352,000 to the Six Nations Elected Council as part of the accommodation deal to approve two housing projects: Beatties Estates and McKenzieMeadows on the east and west sides of McKenzie Road in Caledonia. The first part of the project in McKenzie Meadows is located directly across the street from the former Douglas Creek Estates site where the land reclamation in 2006 took place. A total of nearly 1400 homes are proposed to be built between the two projects.

Solidarity with Portland Youth

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Jul 272020

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

In response to the call for a day of action in solidarity with the ongoing resistance in Portland from the PNW Youth Liberation Front on July 25th, we put up some posters made for the occasion in Montreal. Small simple solidarity with those fighting every day for a world without police and the white supremacy they uphold.

– Anarchists