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Montréal Contre-information
Montréal Contre-information
Jan 242013

Camover 2013
The idea of the game is to smash and destroy as much cctv-cams as possible. For this we decided to announce a competition. For joining in you need a group with a name that starts with command…, briagde…, etc. and ends with a historic person. The only other requirement for you is to be aware of internet-safety.

Now you should not only do the action as you do all the time but also make a documentation with at least a report published on german indymedia or If you have pictures, videos or other evidence for the destroyed cameras, you get extra-credits. will give you the attention your action deserves.

The CAMOVER game ends with the 19 February 2013 — the day when the European police congress in Berlin is being held. The winner may walk in the first line of the demonstration against the cops on 16 February and crouch down to avoid being hit by flying cams…

official mobi-video for the legendary offlining-game