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Montréal Contre-information
Nov 052022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

On October 1st, an assembly of the Montreal revolutionary milieu took place. This meeting followed discussions that were first initiated at the strategic gatherings. Many people had pointed out the limits of our current forms of organisation. Many people highlighted the limits of our current forms of organisation. Since the gatherings did not enable the question to be explored in sufficient depth, a committee was asked to organise a new moment for discussion.

This new meeting was able to agree on several matters. First of all, it is necessary to create an open, public and visible anarchist organisation working for the abolition of the state, the destruction of oppressive systems, namely capitalism, imperialism, racism, colonialism, cisheteropatriarchy and ableism as well as the maintenance of ecosystems. The functions of this organisation would include recruiting and training new activists, producing strategies and theoretical analyses, providing popular education, having a cultural presence in the public sphere, supporting other organisations and amplifying existing struggles, having physical and/or virtual spaces, and establishing a network.

Although these points of agreement clarify some political issues, the assembly did not have time to discuss which structure would be best suited to fulfil these objectives. A second meeting will therefore be dedicated to discussions on structural issues. Furthermore, these objectives are only broad outlines and would benefit from being better defined. In an effort to ensure that our debates are fruitful, we therefore call on all comrades interested by this project to send us in writing the results of their reflections and debates, including questions or proposals to be addressed at the assembly.

As an example, the texts may discuss the following topics

  • the question of membership (who can join, what does membership involve, are there different types of membership);
  • decision-making (what are the decision-making bodies, how are decisions made, on what issues do we want to make decisions, what is the constraining force of decisions)
  • how the political positions of the organisation (anarchism, anti-racism, anti-capacism and others) should be manifested both on the external and on the internal level
  • the code of conduct (should we have one, how can we improve caring and respect in discussion and decision making).

The website will also host suggested texts produced by other groups or organisations on the subject. The next assembly will be held before the holidays. Please contact us for more information. Send your texts and suggestions to

Moreover, reflections from the first assembly, as well as from strategic gatherings and from different activist circles, have underlined the need and desire for organisational spaces and political discussions in chosen gender mixity, without cis men. The follow-up committee therefore calls for a revolutionary feminist assembly, with no cis men, in early 2023. This meeting could include practical organising issues, reflections on cis-heteropatriarchy, processes of restorative justice and accountability, but also more broadly on the problems of capitalism and colonialism, and the exclusion, racism and ableism that benefit these systems. Comrades interested in joining the organisation of such a meeting should contact us at Texts, questions and proposals on forms of organisation that specifically address gender and inclusion issues are also welcome.

Considering that this assembly will take place after the anarchist organisation’s assembly in December, we tentatively propose two things: 1) discussion groups without cis men will be held in the morning of the second assembly and 2) at the assembly, issues and modes of organisation linked to gender and inclusion dynamics that raise concerns or require further reflection will be deferred until the meetings in chosen gender mixity feel it is appropriate.

In summary:

– There will be a second assembly about establishing a revolutionary anarchist organisation in December 2022 and it will focus on the issue of structure.

– An assembly without cis men will be held in early 2023. Please contact us to be part of the organising group for this event.

– The call for papers and proposals is aimed specifically towards questions related to structure, including issues of gender and inclusion.

– For any questions, information, interest in getting involved, clarification, there is one address: