Feb 092017

Most humble greetings, Princesses and Princes of the so-called city of Montreal. It is time to brighten up our long, cold nights with a luxurious and decadent celebration in honor of gentrification! In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, dangerous anarchists are trying to slow progress. But, gentrification is an inevitability of unfettered capitalism, a most desirable process and, of course, our highest ambition. Join us as we feast on salmon and caviar, martini in hand. Let us witness magnificent concrete condos rise! Let us toast to new security cameras and police presence! Only they will protect our modest businesses, our honorable citizens, and maintain order in our streets.

On the menu: circus performances, music, drag, and amusements of all kinds! As generous hosts, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate as well. This is an ***OPEN MIC NIGHT***, and we welcome contributions of any kind: zine readings, personal texts or poems, songs, break-dance, pirouettes, puns, etc. Please contact the organizers or come at 8pm on the eve of the cabaret to sign up.

No sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/abelist/classist behaviors or comments will be tolerated.

PWYC, with suggested contribution between $5 and $10. Funds will be used to assure the survival of L’Achoppe

Disclaimer: you may suspect that this event is, in fact, about fighting gentrification in our neighborhoods. The first in a series of cabarets, you may think that we want to give different voices to a place to be heard, to overthrow the dominant discourses, and to subvert the status quo. Perhaps you believe this cabaret is created for and by people involved in this struggle. Or that our intention is to create a cathartic space where we can be vulnerable, we can take risks together and we can express our joy, our anger, our bewilderment, our euphoria…