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Montréal Contre-information
Apr 222022

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

Hi! We prepared FAQ about folks from our platoon: are we anarchists and what we do, all is here. We’ll keep posted who follow our activities and support us.

Are you anarchists?

About half identify as anarchists. These are people with different backgrounds: some came from revolutionary groups, others from cultural, educational and social projects. But it is incorrect to call the whole platoon anarchic. It is more correct to say that we all adhere to anti-authoritarian views, we are all fighting together against Russian imperialism and we all value direct democracy. Therefore, we have introduced a system of elected foremans borrowed from the Kurdish rebels, meetings are held equal, everyone free to express criticism, also about the work of chiefs. We held democratic elections to the media committee as well.

Who is in the platoon and why are you at war?

Initially, people of anti-authoritarian beliefs, anarchists, several socialists, anti-fascists and football hooligans gathered platoon. We get new recruits time to time. In the area where we are now, local people have joined us, we can say without any pronounced political orientation. They just share desire to fight against Russian aggression, as well they are top notch folks. We also have several specialists involved, from whom we learn combat experience.

There are no racists or homophobes among us, there are also several girls in the platoon, which supports the feminist agenda in practice.

The desire to resist the Russian imperialist aggression brought us all at war. We are here to defeat the invaders and defend the Ukrainian people, their freedom and independence.

What are you doing now?

Now we at training period, and we also have a permanent guard duty. Previously, we went on operational tasks that were within the region, for example: we counteracted saboteurs, parachutists, guarded critical points, created roadblocks, helped the units of the Armed forces of Ukraine with reconnaissance with quadrocopters and took refugees out from under fire.

Is it possible to get to you?

Now we are not recruiting, cause at the moment it is quiet in our region. But we are up for participation in hostilities in other regions in the near future, so there will probably have the opportunity of join.

Can I call you Resistance Committee?

Resistance Committee is a Telegram channel that related to small part of our folks, despite the first posts that identified him with the whole platoon. However, the media committee of our division has recently had access to it, and we can brief you in time to time here.

How can I support you?

In the near future, due to some bureaucratic difficulties, we may have problems with food and fuel supplies. Then we will need additional funds.

We also need a night vision devices for our platoon and some guys need plate carriers.

To raise money, our comrades are running a “Good night imperial pride” campaign. You can contact them on social networks:
and by mail:

The media committee of the platoon